Make A Champion And See What People Think Challenge

Something I thought would be fun to do, hope you enjoy too. So here goes nothing I guess XDD **** Step one is getting your characters AP, DP, ABP, and D. (Attack power, defense power, ability power, and difficulty for people like me who didn't realize what those stood for XD) To keep a balance I would like people to do a certain amount of what I'm gonna call PP, or Power Points. Your PP: 18 Go ahead and play around 'til you find something you think is appropriate :) I will work on my own champion to go with this on the spot as well so we're both in the same boat ;p Attack Power: 9/10 Defense Power: 3/10 Ability Power: 6/10 Difficulty: 6/10 As far as I can tell difficulty is based off of the characters other stuff but correct me if I'm wrong here. So good job, you did that :) that was step one. Now step 2 is your champ's name (and lore if you want) This is probably the easiest step, unless you're doing the desc, in which case, to put it bluntly: it's a hassle. Obviously this one is self explanatory and no restrictions.. Name: Kriynell Description: *Can't be bothered and also most of you probably don't care bout desc so I won't waste our time XD* Step 3 is extremely simple really, just takes a bit of thinking. This step is: how much IP does your champion cost? I know that the IP cost is influenced by when the character was made, but really.. If you could build a time machine so this character got sent back to a certain date where it cost a certain amount, how much would it? Well nice, you made it to the end. This part is a lot of stuff mixed. Just a matter of creativity. First match the ability power with your character's actual abilities. So if you did 1/10 AP, don't do 9999999999k magic damage every time your guy hits after using an ability D: < Next is the quote. After that, just do the character's home and a little tag about the character. Good job, you completed! Now just comment the idea and other people can judge it... Kriynell "The infernos grant greater insight than you could ever imagine.." The Fire's Divine Attack Power: 9/10 Defense Power: 3/10 Ability Power: 6/10 Difficulty: 6/10 *No description or abilities for time's sake*

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