Pantheon Rework Idea

Pantheon right now is known for being a very powerful duelist at early levels as well as having very _very_ strong poke vs low to mid range lane opponents. He is considered one of the best top lane lanes bullies and a very frustrating champion to deal with. His low cooldown point click poke is the driving force behind this power. In this rework Idea I will be removing a good portion of his uninteractive poke and replacing it with a more lethal dueling playstyle that better fits Pantheon's theme of a gladiator-like warrior. Do note that a lot more stuff is crammed into his kit, so each individual ability will deal less damage in general. ------------------------- **Passive (Combat Weaving):** When Pantheon damages an enemy champion with an ability or basic attack a mark will be placed above their head that lasts for 5 seconds. If Pantheon walks within 600 units of a marked target he will then have his 3 basic abilities swapped from **Javelin Stance** to **Spear Stance**. Each stance has their own set of 3 basic abilities. _Javelin stance will consist of more range and poke oriented abilities where Spear Stance will revolve around getting up close to your opponent, and contain the necessary abilities to do so. This passive is used to promote a more unique playstyle for Pantheon where he will be weaving back and forth in fights to get his maximum damage off, giving him a more gladiator-like fighting style._ **Q Javelin (Javelin Toss):** Pantheon throws out a javelin in a line damaging the first target it hits and dealing damage to any champions hit behind the target in a small area. _This is a simple change to his currently existing q where it is just turned into a skill shot. This is done to avoid his brainless q spam. The small champion-only AOE is put in place just to allow pantheon some poke when an opponent is directly behind minions. Over all it is a hard nerf to his poke which will be traded off for his added versatility and dueling potential._ **W Javelin (Aegis Protection):** When activated Pantheon will gain a shield that lasts for 2 seconds, this shield will block one champion or tower basic attack. Additionally it makes pantheon immune from minion damage for 3 seconds. _I am moving his old passive into his Javelin Stance W. Originally I wanted to make it more reactionary with a low duration on the block but changed it to last 2 seconds because blocking a basic attack will be more useful once pantheon had already jumped in and is up in his opponents face. The 2 second duration allows this as he can cast it preemptively and still grant him the bonus by the time he jumped in and swapped his abilities. Additionally the minion damage immunity was added to preserve pantheons early all-in potential, as he will take a lot less damage when fighting in minion waves. This immunity may need to be swapped out for minion damage reduction. _ **E Javelin (Executing Shot):** upon activating Pantheon channels for up to 2 seconds. His movement speed is reduced by 50% as he winds up his shot. He is temporary a ranged champion, and as the channel goes on his auto attack range extends until it hits the maximum around 1.75 seconds in. At any time pantheon can auto attack during the channel to throw out his modified basic attack, dealing missing health damage. After throwing out his basic attack the channel will end and the ability will go on cooldown. _It may sounds confusing but basically it is a ranged ability used as an execute, that builds up range rapidly as pantheon draws back his javelin. (Think of it as a Xerath Q) In combos Pantheon normally initiates in Javelin Stance, This being an execute is contradictory to that as it deals more damage when the target is low. So this ability promotes Pantheon to go from Javelin Stance to Spear Stance then back to finish them off with his ranged attack as they run away on low health._ **Q Spear (Targonian Wallop):** Pantheon kicks in the target direction (low range) Hitting an opponent will deal damage and knock them back. just out of passive range. _This ability can be simply used just to push someone away from you, however It is mainly put into the kit as a combo enabler. This is Pantheons primary way of swapping from Spear Stance to Javelin Stance._ **W Spear (Aegis of Zeonia):** Pantheon Jumps towards the select target, stunning them upon arrival and dealing damage. _Practically the same as Pantheons old W but with a catch. Pantheon must mark his opponent before being able to enter Spear Stance, meaning that he will have to land his Q (skill shot) or slowly wind up his E to actually cast this ability at range. So even though it is still a point click stun pantheon will have to land a skill shot to properly use it, otherwise he will lose out on damage (from his e's execute) or have to walk into melee range and basic attack you._ **E Spear (Heartseeker Strike):** The same as his current E but with a thinner but longer cone. (No crit passive) _The thinner but longer cone is mostly unimportant but I decided to add it in because I had the idea that maybe He would be able to cast his kick ability and then E before his opponent left passive range as a form of a quick combo. However the removal of the crit passive is more important. Missing health damage is already added to his Javelin Stance E and to promote further use of weaving between stances the auto attack crits are removed, forcing the user to switch stances if additional damage is necessary._ **R (Grand Skyfall):** This ability is the same. _ I thought of adding something new to his kit and concluded that I would like to keep all of his damage and dueling in just his basic abilities to further allow dueling instead of situational kill pressure. So that being said I needed to make his ults primary use utility. After some thinking I decided that his current ult does the trick pretty well, serving as roaming potential allowing Pantheon to push his early lead just like the current one does._ _EDIT: Whether or not Pantheons ult damage will mark a target for his passive is not determined. Allowing Pantheon to be instantly in Spear form could cause problems for both Pantheon and the enemy team. Additionally If he hits multiple people with its damage, he will have a hard time getting far enough away from all of them to use his spear form, to me that sounds like unfun gameplay and an unnecessary drawback to his kit._ -------------------------------------- So That is it. As talked about before a lot of his uncounterable poke is removed in exchange for a more interactive but more powerful and interesting dueling kit. He still retains many of his qualities but they are moved around and modernized to put more emphasis on individual skill and counterplay. There are some abusable factors in his kit such as his passive. With a mobile champion or one who possesses the ability to move Pantheon, you can manipulate what abilities are available for him as his abilities are depended on his position relative to you or whoever he is fighting. Also I think it would be nice to see Pantheons standing and walking animations change based on the current stance. Holding a javelin up high or his spear on the ready with his shield by his side. A full Pantheon combo could look something like this when starting off in Javelin Stance: **W** _(activated early for later protection)_ into **Q** _(Landing and now swapping forms)_ into **W** _(to gap close and stun)_ into basic attacks or **E**, then once the opponent gets low, **Q** _(to knock them back allowing your Javelin Stance abilities to be cast)_ followed up by another **Q** _(only if you have enough CDR)_ followed up by channeling and throwing **E** _(For execute damage)_ Ok, tell me what you think, and as always have a good day < 3
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