[Champion Rework Concept] Kindred - The Eternal Hunters

**Kindred - The Eternal Hunters** **Preferred Role:** Marksman/Assassin **Preferred Lane:** Jungle *** **Quick Author's Note:** Kindred is one of the few champions who are enjoyed by many but only have a few places where she is really effective. As a jungler, her kit (More specifically her passive) is designed in a way that she will either take off exceptionally or not at all. If she does not take off, she just becomes an Ulti-Bot, using *Lamb's Respite* to save herself or others without contribution much else to the fight *(Just My Opinion!)*. Her title, *The Eternal Hunters*, works well with her lore and her passive - other than that, her kit feels rather stationary in comparison to other hunters *(Warwick - Also Just My Opinion!)*. This is by no means a kit to suggest a replacement, but an idea that felt fun to toy with to fit her more thematically as Eternal Hunters - even tried to give Wolf more involvement with the Summoner! Some values will be weak/strong, so I apologize if that is so. Feel free to comment on your thoughts below and I hope you enjoy the concept! *** **Abilities:** ***Innate:*** Never One Without The Other ***Q:*** Dance of Lamb ***W:*** Wolf's Frenzy ***E:*** Hunter's Mark ***R:*** Those Who Run *** **Innate:** Never One Without The Other **Passive:** Lamb and Wolf are both separate entities with separate health bars. Lamb possesses 80% of all health from scaling stats and items, while Wolf possesses 20/25/30/35% health from scaling stats and items. When Lamb and Wolf are together, their total health is together and damage is first taken off Lamb before Wolf. They gain the passive effect *The Kindred* while they are together, granting two buffs known as *Lamb's Poise* and *Wolf's Voracity*. *Lamb's Poise* grants the Kindred +10% bonus damage to Monsters while *Wolf's Voracity* grants the Kindred 25 bonus movement speed on-hit when striking an Enemy Champion or Monster. While the two are apart, their damage is taken separately and Lamb loses *Wolf's Voracity*. However, Lamb gains +15-40 movement speed while running towards Wolf, increasing the further away she is to him. If Wolf dies and Lamb is alive, Lamb continually gains *Lamb's Poise* until Wolf returns after a 60-15 second (Based on level) cooldown. If Lamb dies and Wolf is alive, the summoner will control Wolf for 8 seconds before he dies. Wolf can only attack the enemy who killed Lamb, and gains 20% movement speed while chasing the target and cannot be slowed. If Wolf kills the target, Lamb comes back alive with 25% of her maximum health and mana. If both the Kindred die, then the kill is awarded to the slayer. Wolf deals 10 (+20% Attack Damage) (+4 per level) physical damage on attack while Lamb is dead. His attack speed is 1.750, his movement speed is 100% of Lamb's movement speed, and he cannot critically strike, apply on-hit effects, or gain lifesteal. The passive damage from *Those Who Run* however is applied to his auto attacks. While controlling Wolf, he gains an ability called *Wolf's Vengeance* which can only be used once by activating Q, W, E, or R *(By Default)*. This ability will cause Wolf to dash to the slayer of Lamb (as long as they are within 700 range) and maul them, dealing 10/15/20/25% of the target's missing health in physical damage and slowing them by 90% for 0.5 seconds. Wolf still has *Wolf's Voracity* during this time, but does not have *Lamb's Poise*. *** **First Ability:** Dance Of Lamb **Active:** Lamb dashes a medium distance in a direction, allowing her to also pass over walls. She fires three arrows at her last target struck, dealing 30/42/54/66/78 (+25% Attack Damage) physical damage per arrow and applying all on-hit and lifesteal affects per arrow. Each arrow deals 10/15/20/25/30% bonus damage to Monsters. If the Kindred gain a kill or assist while *Dance Of Lamb* is on cooldown, the cooldown is reset. If the target dies mid-dash, the arrows will seek out the nearest target to the one killed. **Cooldown:** 7.0/6.5/6.0/5.5/5.0 seconds. **Mana Cost:** 55 at all ranks. *** **Second Ability:** Wolf's Frenzy **Active:** Can only be cast if Wolf is within 500 range of Lamb. Upon casting, Wolf surrounds himself around Lamb for 1.5 seconds, causing all damage to be redirected to Wolf instead of Lamb. In this time, Lamb may still auto attack but cannot cast any spells (Except Summoner Spells). If an Enemy Champion or Large Monster attacks the Kindred in this time, Wolf leaps from Lamb to the target and begins mauling the target. Wolf will deal 12/18/24/30/36 (+10% Attack Damage) physical damage per second to the target, and if the target is a Large Monster he will Cripple them by 50% for the duration. Wolf will only stop if either of the Kindred die, if Lamb moves beyond 600 range, or if commanded to do so by the activation of another ability that requires Wolf to move. Wolf's Frenzy will only go on cooldown only after the mauling stops. **Cooldown:** 18/17/16/15/14 seconds. **Mana Cost:** 60 mana at all ranks. *** **Third Ability:** Hunter's Mark **Passive:** Lamb's first arrow against an enemy champion or large monster applies *Mark of the Kindred* to the target. The next 3 arrows after the first are fired at maximum attack speed and deal a total of 100/105/110/115/120% of Lamb's Attack Damage over those three arrows. The next arrow after that to the target deals 4/4.5/5/5.5/6% of the target's maximum health in bonus physical damage. This 5-hit combo cannot be applied to the same target for another 14/13/12/11/10 seconds (Can be reduced by Cooldown Reduction), and the mark will disappear if the target has not been attacked within 5 seconds. *** **Ultimate Ability:** Those Who Run **Passive:** Those who die while under the effects of this ability grant Kindred bonus on-hit damage equal to 1.25% of the target's current health. This passive can only stack up to 10 times, up to a maximum of 12.5% damage on-hit to the target's current health. This damage applies to every arrow from *Dance of Lamb* and *Hunter's Mark*. **Active:** A Target Bar with 5 icons of enemy champions appears above your ability bar. You may select the bar at any time, regardless of combat status, to put a target on the enemy champion. Activating the ultimate ability the first time causes Wolf to chase the marked target, no matter where on the map they are. When Wolf gets within 600/750/900 range of the enemy champion, he will wait until Those Who Run is activated a second time. Then he will dash to the target and begin mauling them for 100/150/200 (+100% Attack Damage) physical damage, increasing by up to 100% the lower their health is, over 3 seconds and slowing them by 50% for the duration. If the Kindred kill a marked target, they gain one stack of *Those Who Run*'s passive. If the target is killed specifically by *Those Who Run*'s active, the cooldown is reduced by 50%. While Wolf is chasing an enemy champion with this ability's active, Lamb gains triple the bonus movement speed from *Never One Without The Other* while out of combat and chasing Wolf. **Cooldown:** 15/10/5 seconds (Passive), 110/95/80 seconds (Active). **Mana Cost:** 100 at all ranks. *** **Side Notes:** * **Guardian Angel**'s active will deploy upon Lamb dying, regardless of whether Wolf is still alive or not. * **Runaan's Hurricane**'s passive bolts do not apply stacks of *Hunter's Mark* to enemies.
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