Kra'Heel, Voidflame.

I have a Community Creation Champion for Riot Games, I have the lore for Kra'Heel: Kra'Heel was once a boy, who found the swift scout, Teemo. Kra'Heel Hadn't a name from the time of his birth, to age Twelve, when everything went downhill. Teemo introduced him to the League of Legends, dooming him to meet Kassadin{{champion:38}} , Cho'Gath{{champion:31}} , and Malzahar{{champion:90}} . Feasting on his Frail body, Cho'Gath mortally wounded the human. As if that was not enough, Malzahar preyed on his weak mind. He showed him brutal imagery of his death in the Void. Angered, Kassadin took up the boy and transported him to the Unknown, or the Void to finish him off. When Kassadin stood on the Soils of the Void, a hole gave out, taking the boy . He saw glowing eyes in the dark of the tunnel he stumbled upon. A large clawed hand dragged him down the tunnel and into an empty space. These eyes in the dark, they belonged to a monster. It had a large, black, Dragon-like body, with smooth scales, and long snout, the creature had no material wings. Just flame hovering behind its body. Panicked, the Boy struggled against it. Only to be engulfed in purple flames. Searing his skin. The creature looked down upon his burnt body, and the boy lost consciousness. When he woke, his body was not the same. He was burnt from head to toe, his clothes merely ashes. A puddle revealed his horrible reflection, his eyes were red, and glowing, He had a jagged mouthline, burnt beyond repair. His face pulsed with purple charring. But there was one thing even more suspicious, He had the same Wings of Flame that the beast had. A sharp pain shot through his head like a bullet. "**_You have been given a gift, do not worry, child. You have taken my life and faults. I thank you._**" The boy finally made his way out, and found Kassadin, with his back turned. The boy couldn't injure him, he was strong. Powerful. Turning, Kassadin looked down on what was left of the boy. His charred body pulsed and burned contently. A part of the Void. Then he left. The boy was infuriated. He screamed and a line of flame nearly a mile long spread across the flat landscape in front of the now amazed Seeker of Knowledge. Kassadin spoke to the boy. "From now on, you are Kra'Heel. Now go, find your powers. It seems you have found one of them." And with that, he left the boy to fend for himself. (3 years later) Kassadin came back for Kra'Heel. Only to be met with a hardened Mage. After a long bout, Kra'Heel came out victorious. He looked down on Kassadin, and laughed. "If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be as Perfect as I am now." Kra said, putting a hand out. Kassadin rejected the offer for help, and got up. "You have proven yourself. Come." He said and opened a Portal to Runeterra, where Kra'Heel is feared to this day. The tale of His sword and flames are told all throughout the continent. Abilities: Voidfire blast (Q): Deals (undecided amount) magic damage and ignites the enemy, dealing more damage over time. (cooldown: 20) Severe Burns (W): Deals (undecied) physical damage and stuns the target for 1 second. Burns nearby monsters of minions, making them engage. Great Flameball (E): Deals (Undecided) magic damage in taget area for 3 seconds. Unholy Flame (ULT/ R): sends a line of flame that when touched, sets enemies and Minions ablaze, dealing Physical damage. Passive: Jack of All trades: Kra'Heel can either use melee or ranged attacks. (Toggle:) Switches the style of basic attack. **I DO NOT HAVE ANY COMPUTER IMAGERY FOR THIS CHAMPION I CAN TELL HOW HE LOOKS IF NEEDED, BUT I DOUBT RIOT GAMES WILL LOOK AT MY IDEA.... BUILD IS STILL UNDECIDED.**
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