Magala the wings of darkness [Magala after transformation] This concept and art are not fully my own but are based on a creature I enjoyed defeating a harvesting for parts. ( got to love capcom,) All credits go to them for creating the original concept, this however is my envision of if it were to be added as a Leauge champion. Role: tank, support, jungle Lane: any Resource: rage (200 max) Toughness: medium Utility: average Mobility: average Crowd control: medium [Passive] Dragon Blight: abilities inflict enemies with blight status for 5 seconds stacking up to ten times. Blighted enemies take 2% (+2%ap)of Magala's missing health per stack as damage every second, enemies with 5 or more stacks also take 10%-50% increased damage per stack from magala's abilities. [Basic] Frenzy claw: as magala's rage builds he enters a frenzy gaining 1% increase in attack speed ofor every 10 rage built and decaying rapidly if out of combat for 4 seconds. Once above 50% rage magala's basic attacks swipe a 30 degree arc to consume 1 stack of blight to return 20% of the damage dealt to the blighted targets as life steal. 5 second cooldown. [Q] Blight chaser: magala sends an orb of blight 600 units in a target direction spreading blight to all units it passes through and dealing 20/40/60/80/100 (+20%ap) magic damage and exploding on the first enemy champion hit to knock them backwards and deal 5% Ap per stack of blight. 5 sec cd [W] Earth breaker: Magala stands on his hind legs charging for 3 seconds taking 20/40/60% reduced damage then slams down dealing 100% of the damage taken(+20/40/60/80/100%) of his missing health to a 90 degree cone 200 units in a target direction and knocking up all enemy units within 500 units around him. Units hit by the cone are suppressed for 2 seconds losing 5% of their maximum health each second and return this damage to Magala as life steal. [E] dragon rush: Magala charges 800 units in a target direction dealing 40/60/80/100/120 (+50%current health) and leaving a trail of blight for 3 seconds to slows units along his path by 30%. Allies in the trail gain a 15% increase to movement speed and 15% increased health regeneration while they remain in the blight. [R] Frenzy Form: Magala channels for 3 seconds consuming all blight within 800 units taking 20/40/60% reduced damage then transforms for 30 seconds regaining 50% of his missing health. While transformed Magala gains +20% bonus armor, 20% health regen and altered abilities. Q sends out three orbs traveling 800 units. Can be held to send a single orb to a target location that fires in the direction of the nearest enemy champion W is now able to be cast instantly and crushes orbs sending instead a 120 degree wave exploding 1/2/3 times after a 2 second delay in between each pulse, dealing 60/80/100/120/140 (+ 60% missing health) as magic damage to a 400 unit blast radius as it travels. E is now recast able to dash a second time and is able to instead drag along units hit. Champion breakdown Magala was once a high dragon but after the war and hunting of his kind he retreated to a far off land know now as the shadow isles, at the time of his arrival the isles were calm and clear yet as he slept his body became infected with an unknown virus, a plague that seems to decay all things it covers, yet over time magala's body built a resistance to this and somehow harnessed its power, the virus is now bound to Magala and strengthens him when it spreads. Now Magala has returned and seeks to exact revenge for his fallen brothers. >Magala the wings of darkness Play style and notes Magala is a primarily melee tank who specializes in controlling his surroundings, his passive allows him to contaminate enemy units causing them to take periodic damage increasing with the more stacks they have. Magala's claws have developed a way to harvest the blight on his prey causing his basic attacks to cleave a 30 degree arc in front of him gradually reducing his enemies to lacerated piles of decaying flesh, if his enemies are infected with his blight he consumes 1 stack per basic and receives 20% of his dealt damage as life steal (stacks with life steal items)
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