How about gender bender skins?

Riot made a lot of great skins for their characters and invented chromas to allow people enjoy experience with game even more than before. I saw on Deviantart or other websites tributes to their work shown in art. Also I noticed that people very often play with art by picturing their favorite characters as different genders. It looks super funny so I wonder what Riot would think about this idea. What about making gender bender skins for some characters? Also what do you - players - think about it? Would you like skins like that? Which characters would you like to see as different genders? I think that people could like gender bender skins because it would be funny, ridiculous or on the other hand interesting and different. Can you image female Garen? The big, muscular lady with square jaw and short girly skirt? Or super hot and sexy male Ahri? Or old granny Zilean rushing with her walking frame and putting on heads of enemies explosive applepies, mugs of hot chocolate or what grannies usually like to make? I bet Wawrick would love to eat her. What do you think? (The picture of lady Twisted Face is from )
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