Wivol [The Overwhelmer]

Every human has had it's corrupt side overwhelm the equilibrium of "good". This sudden surge of corruption and evil impacts a decision of a human heavily, to do unthinkable things. A young boy, almost put to death by arcane magic despised these magic users, and had one of these special "surges". Resulting in the boy, coming to mind with himself, and reaching out to Runeterra's hidden powers deep within. A rare prowess evolved in this boy, and he soon began to master this skill. Overwhelm, a new skill discovered by a small crystal with huge potency, enough to give considerable strength to over 100 men. All of this power was given to this greedy child, with disastrous results. The power was potent enough to make the boy's power completely uncontrollable, and had a will of it's own. The corrupt side effects of this power disrupted the equilibrium, breaking the equality between good and evil. Overwhelm would allow a normal human being to increase a being's power, and create beings that had the powers to destroy entire cities. This boy, was scared of himself, and hid himself away in isolation, only to be found by Runeterra explorers. They took him into their home, and realized this boy was dangerous, but it had already been too late. Beings empowered with such strength, fueled by the insanity of isolation, destroyed the entire house, and left with no recognition to the bodies. Newspapers appeared in Noxus, Demacia, Piltover, and other neighboring cities about beings that seemed to reach far beyond the strength of such "warriors", and these beings were sought after. The people, unaware of this uprising power seemed to only care about the beings. The boy's power seemed limitless, when eventually these beings began to disappear abruptly. All at once, these mass amounts of beings disappeared and the energy seemed to flow somewhere else. Back in isolation, the boy had purposely created a seal on his power, but despite this, four beings still lived. Unable to disable these beings, he spiritually spoke to these beings, and struck a deal. With this deal, he let all of them live. But, they couldn't cause havoc like they once did to Runeterra. So, these beings stayed hidden away in his arsenal, and is now part of his power. His power sealed away these powerful beings, and will release his power for good. "And now, I am that boy, 10 years later." ___ Passive: Unsealed Power 210/180/150 second cooldown. Unsealed Power is an ability that will create a surge of power in Wivol's body, giving him increased movement speed and defense from all damage for 2 seconds. This ability will activate below 50%. Ability 1: Bisow's Fury Bisow unleashes his fury as a skillshot to enemies, destroying anything in sight. This skillshot shoots a flurry of spiritual energy, dealing damage to enemies, and leaves an area behind it. After three seconds, the area will explode, dealing damage to enemies, and dealing a percentage of a turret's current health. Ability 2: Specko's Wave Specko creates a wave of speed and damage behind Wivol, giving allies speed, and damaging enemies for 8/10/17% of their current health. If Wivol double taps W, he can ride the tidal wave, and can use abilities during this period. This ability goes about half of Sion's ultimate range, and can be stopped if Wivol takes over 50 damage during this ability. Ability 3: Iko's Defense Iko deals a slice of damage in front of Wivol, dealing damage to enemies. If an enemy champion is hit. Iko unleashes a second slash, dealing 50% damage of the first slash. This ability can critically strike. Ability 4: Darkim's Reanimation Darkim the strongest being reanimates himself, and appears where Wivol is standing. Any enemy that comes close, Darkim will shoot down with a bow, dealing explosive damage, dealing damage to targets nearby. If Darkim despawns, or is killed, he explodes in a frenzy, dealing immense damage.

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