The Star Herald, Taliyah

Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Riot hasn't made a Taliyah skin yet, so maybe I can get the cogs turning. I love the idea of a Star Herald Taliyah where she can chuck stars with her Q, lay down exploding stars with her E, causes supernovas with her W to pop you up, and surfs on asteroid belts to get around! I'm going to keep working on this to turn into something that might be created some day, and I''m going to work on some more in this series! Like in Marvel how Galactus has his own Heralds, I want to make Heralds of Zoe or Aurelion Sol. Got plans to make a Zoe one too. Let me know which of the two designs or features you like the most so I can improve upon it!{{champion:163}}
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