[Champion Concept] Le'Ek the Void Parasite

I'm back at it again with another champion idea that i always wanted to share with the community about a champion that can attach to other champions to grant them benefits. This champion primary role is support or can be played has a jungler. I believe this would another interesting concept for the bonding champion role and it would provide some more awesome gameplay moments. **Lore** Le'Ek is a creature from the void that feeds off the blood of other creature. When attached to a host it will help them get food. **Passive: Parasitic Embrace** Every 30/25/20sec Le'Ek will stick out his tongue and gain increase range on his next attack . While the passive is active player can choose to either attack an enemy or attach to an ally. Basic attack will lower the cooldown by .2sec * Attaching to allies will lower their movement speed by 10/15/20 but they be able to use you has a shield for 15/20/25% of your health and have special interaction with Le'Ek Abilities. Le'Ek can end the bond by just walking away or he can get knock off after the health been lower. Le'Ek cannot re attach to the same target for 30sec. Ally will control the movement when bonded. * Attacking an enemy will deal 10/15/20 (50%ad)(50%ap) bonus damage and heal you for 5/10/15% of damage dealt. If Attach to an ally that have lower health than you they will be heal. **Q: Ooze Ball** Le'Ek Fire a ball at a targeted direction that damage the first enemy hit for 80/100/120/140/160 (+80% ap). It will behind a slime mess that cover a 300-400 range area that will harden after 3sec and root any enemies inside it. **W: Molt** Le'Ek shed his skin removing any coward control and gain increase defense stats. The Skin remain will turn into an acid pool that damage and lower enemy defense while standing in it. _If attach to an ally it will remove their coward control. _ **E: Sticky String** Fire a string to a location then get pull to that location when you reactive the ability. _When attach to an ally they can click the string to be pull to the location. If you reactivate it you will be pull off the ally * String can be attach to enemy champion to pull you toward them. You will land infront of them because of the pull momentum. * Can be use on certain wall to jump over them. _ **R: Take Over** **Passive:** Ley'Eke can drain the bodies of dead champions to gain a permanent +1 stat boost **Active:** Fire his hook tongue in a targeted direction that will attach to the first enemy dealing 150/200/250 (+70% Ability Power) magic damage to the target. Target will have their movement speed slowed by 50/60/70% for the duration. If the enemy dies while your still attach Le' Ek will take over their body and gain control of that champion and all their abilities. **Special Interactions** * If Attach to {{champion:429}} and she ult she will be dragged with him into the ult. * If Attach to {{champion:11}} when he alpha strick he will move with him.
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