Champion Memotions Contest!

Hey everyone! As you might have seen, Riot is hosting an [Artistic Contest]( for those who want to express a champion's emotion in drawn form! While the link above is for the nitty gritty details, this thread in general is for you guys to discuss your art, share what you're working or maybe get an idea or two if you're up to enter but have no real idea on what champion to work on! #Remember that the deadline for this contest is July 23rd (7/23) at 2:00 PM PDT so plan accordingly and don't wait til the last minute! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot questions and we can try to help the best we can! Other than that, good luck and have fun drawing to your hearts content! (As well as discussing with other artists!) EDIT: Contest is officially over [Here]( are the winners!
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