Not Sure About One Of My Champ Concepts Anymore.....

So a while ago before DJ{{champion:37}} was even announced, i was in progress to make a Champion that uses a DJ Deck and dubstep music to preform abilities, but now that DJ Sona ACTUALLY IS out and she is pretty much the same thing, i dont know if i should finish it anymore, because now it will look like i just took DJ Sona, genderbend, Photoshopping a few things, changing colors and a new costume change, BOOM totally original! I REALLY wanna see this guy in the game (and a lot of others of you, i hope.) when i finish the development, but I dont want to deal with all of the hell-raisers out there who will say this is completely a copy of DJ{{champion:37}} . So yeah, im not sure what to do, so i am turning to the Boards for help.
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