Robo-Sheriff Sivir

Robo-Sheriff-Sivir Hellblau auf Granit.jpg.png
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Hey guys. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} I want to share my final idea for a Sivir skin with you. The title of the skin is not the best, but its not easy for me to create a better name. :P So here she wears some "robotic" or "futuristic" armor with some accessoires of the police, so she is able to enforce the law like Warden Sivir, but in the future world. So it could be a kind of a badass skin for her after the funny "Pizza" one. The blue colour on her face comes from a visor infront of her helmet, that appears near enemies like the one of PROJECT:Vayne and while Sivir ults, all the police lights on her armor could blink for example. As one of **THE BIGGEST** Sivir fans, this skin would be the fulfilment of a dream (ignore the clouds above her XD, she is on my desktop like that forever :p) Maybe you like it too. The colour of her armor could be exchanged but this one or white/black fits most i guess. The only missing thing is her Chalicar of course: I still dont know, how it should be done. Have a nice time! {{champion:15}}
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