The OP Master Yi Solution.. Not my idea just going to post it because it hasn't been posted...

One of my friends on here talked about how master yi's q just needs to get more targeting skills by the player. Like if you had to click multiple times to hit different people, instead of just like clicking once. Clicking lets say 4 times when trying to use Master Yi's q would add a bit of skill factor to the character. Master Yi is often considered very OP and banned often because if he just clicks q once he hits 4 people... While also going invisible.. people say that vayne is often OP when she uses her ult to go invisible but she still has to press another button and target 1 person to dash/go invisible... Master Yi needs to click 4 times to hit 4 people would be a good update... Perhaps something similar to Yas's dash attack... Where people could maybe have a chance to dodge... Since there has been some confusion I have also added some additional comments on:

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