Diana and Leona rework - A Lesbian Dream. :D

Hey there, Rito, I'm a Diana main with Leona being my secondary champ. I know Leona doesn't quite need a rework other than a new splash art, but there's a reason I'm bringing this up. Something sparked an idea in my mind that I didn't even think about until gay marriage passed. https://twitter.com/leagueoflegends/status/614549024700538881?lang=en Other than being completely adorable, this made me realize that there aren't any interactions between Diana and Leona in game even though their stories revolve around one another. But we can take it a step further than that. I know Riot is a LGBT inclusive company and I've seen a few nods here and there to the LGBT community, but I haven't really seen it reflected in champions. I'm in no way saying Rito's homophobic. This is where the real idea got sparked, why not make it a joint rework with interactive kits? Diana is in desperate need of some changes for better or worse. Her jump in, blow up someone and take someone down with her play style is a little lack luster. I know trying to balance her is a pain, just a small buff and she snowballs so hard it hurts. But maybe the idea for an interesting rework is making an interactive kit? Leona already marks champions for extra damage, make a cool eclipse effect. The idea of a joint champion is already awesome, Xayah and Rekan are pretty big successes. The cool thing about doing this though is that it will also make a statement for the company being lgbt friendly. I can see a few downsides to gameplay and people not wanting changes to the champs, but I see a lot of positive options. Maybe someone in the comments can start coming up with some ideas for kits and we as a community can push the idea?

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