HeartBreaker Fortune Concept

New Name Updated : HomeWrecker Miss Fortune </3 or Academy Mf I came up with this awesome idea of a skin with my best friend, My main character i use from league of legends is Miss Fortune {{champion:21}} since valentines is coming up i thought instead of heart seeker what about a heart breaker skin the drawings are still being fully drawn but we got some line art to show for now and i will put full details at the bottom of the page. One more thing this skin could also just be an all year around skin doesn&#039;t have to be for valentines day it can be used in multiple situations like it can fit in with academy skins area or just a standalone or even just a group of heart breakers maybe even a band called heart breaker and MF can be the lead singer or lead mascot around it. I hope you guys at least take it into consideration and think about it and also if you want comment below any more ideas for it (Anyone) &lt;3 i would cry of joy if this actual become a thing me and my friend worked so hard on plotting the idea and putting in the work. Love Amy &lt;/3 &lt;3 &lt;/3 &lt;3 &lt;/3 &lt;3 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/531605908011221004/533506106509623316/Screenshot_180.png Tada <3 ( Guns Coming Soon) My Digital Art Yet Again i In No Way Ever Draw So This Is What the Best I Could Do https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/531605908011221004/533756507070922753/Screenshot_2719.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/531605908011221004/533756043688149016/Heartbreakermf_fin_semi.jpg * Miss Fortune From our perceptive has blonde hair with pink dipped dye ombre hair at the tips with cute barrettes one with a broken heart and one with a full heart with two pigtails in the back and extra hair falling down completing a trendy hair style with heart breaker earrings * A small detail will be a heart on her cheek right under her eye giving her something unique to her face makeup * A Baseball base tee detail shirt white as the base and pink with the sleeves and a iconic heartbreker logo in the front of the shirt with a heart charm necklace * A Mini skirt with pleated skirt with fishnets underneath and finishing the bottom with varsity socks and converse with broken heart on the left and on the right converse full heart on it. * Guns Still discussing the idea of the style of the gun but for the effects it would be cool to see her shoot hearts and when there mark from her passive it can be a broken heart above the enemy head and for her effects behind her back it could be like broken hearts follwing her or just regular hearts which will be similar to her normal effects and also for her recall i was thinking either her ripping up a love letter and throwing it while its burning or maybe throwing a love letter down or stomping it the recall can go so many ways its amazing &lt;3 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/531605908011221004/533468321820049417/Screenshot_177.png Heres My Best Friend Amazing Work Of The Concept This is Just The Line Art Full Drawing Coming Soon https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/498099727582232587/533472604544303104/Screenshot_2707.png Heres My Art On It I In No Way Do DIgital Art But Was Inspired To Atleast Try Do To The Awesome Idea I Had For This Skin
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