[ Crit Rework ] : Turn "random power spikes" into "predictable power spikes"

The Cave of 10,000 Crabs
"In your first Dev Diary, on Variance in League, you talked briefly about input and output randomness, and why input randomness can be a good thing (as I believe Dragons have demonstrated quite well), while Output randomness is inherently bad.
The post i linked to you is Ghostcrawler's opinion *(His whole tumblr is interesting , i recommand it)* But here's my opinion on **critical strikes** Currently **CRIT **are based on **CRIT CHANCE** Which allow some unfair situations to happen, like : - 1% chance of crit , to get 2 critical auto-attack - 90% chance of crit, to get 3 regular auto-attack >League is a game of skill , not luck My suggestion would be to : Change the current **CRIT CHANCE** to not give the player a probability to **CRIT** But would reduce the amount of auto-attacks they need to **CRIT** This could be tweaked depending on what is the target **Example : ** Attacking a minion reduce by X the amount of auto-attacks necessary to get the next critical-strike Attack a champion reduce by Y the amount of auto-attacks necessary to get the next critical-strike >**TL;DR** >**Critical strike** act similar to Caitlynn's passive >**Critical strike chance** reduce the amount of auto-attack necessary to get the next crit

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