Morgana Rework - Get the queen back in the mid lane

Morgana Abilities {{champion:25}} Q: Increase projectile speed, even if it means reduce snare duration. Consider locking multiple enemies (?). Right now with every other new champ having some sort of a dash ability, her Q seems very outdated and punishing if you miss a Q, due to long cool downs. W: Change it completely to make her a less passive laner and more engaging to play as. E: Keep, central to Morgana is her black shield, I would not change this ability but maybe add a similar ability to Kayle on her e for physical damage. R: Make it so, combo-ing it with her other abilities adds a bonus. After all she does say "You too will be judged". So maybe based on the enemy condition, her R applies different effects. (Neeko's R is bascially Morgana ulti but much better - cmon Riot show Morgana some love) Passive: Keep spell vamp and something to help her autoattack ( almost all the new champs now have some sort of a buffed auto after an ability, why not Morgana). I love the concept of Morgana and Kayle being Ying-Yang similar and opposite. Thank for reading. Suggestions welcome.
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