Wime [The Portal Engineer]

___ Wime was born in Piltover, the child of a brilliant scientist named Distan, who studied portal physics in order to travel into a new dimension. Distan's intentions of these portals were quite honest, to expand the reaches of the world that all existed in. Distan's research advanced, and eventually he came across a new dimension. With other's evil intentions to use this power to wreak havoc on the world, Distan was assassinated by assassins hired by enemies who seeked this new power. The day after Distan's death, a devastated Wime went into Distan's lab, and found a prototype for his portal research. By clicking a button, he could activate a portal to a new dimension, and he saw colors that the human eye could not even interpret. An entirely new world, with new elements and materials. But, the glove broke, and shut down instantaneously after the sight was seen by Wime. Years later, Wime had studied the work his father had done, and had created a working portal glove, that used hextech elements. On August 17th, the same assassins that had killed Wime's father seeked Wime, and attempted to assassinate him. But Wime's hextech glove killed all of the men, and he disappeared into the night, with all of his research smashed by himself. He left Piltover as an outcast, an exile, and is now exploring Runeterra, to seek vengeance for his father's death, With his powerful hextech glove, able to go into new dimensions, he must control this power that even celestial beings fear. ___ **Wime's Passive : Hextech Machinery** _Every 21/15/10 seconds, Wime's hextech glove will shoot out 1/2/4 Hextech Floaters, that are untargettable. These Hextech Floaters search up for enemies nearby, about half the range a ghost would search, and will give Wime vision, but also give Wime 10/15/25 movement speed for every enemy hit._ **Wime's 1st Ability: Portal Shot** **Scalings : 45%/50%/55%/65%/80% of AD + 25/50/75/125/200 damage.** _Cooldown : 17/15/13/12/10 seconds, Wime summons a portal infront of him, shooting a bright blue laser, If this ability hits, and kills an enemy champion, it automatically resets, and has no mana cost on the next use, AND, deals 1.1x/1.2x/1.3x/1.4x/1.5x the amount of damage the last laser has done. This ability can crit, but will only deal half of what the crit was supposed to do, and applies 3/4 of the lifesteal it was supposed to do. _ **Wime's 2nd Ability: Portal Transfer / Portal Transfer Range : 1500** _ Cooldown : 30 / 27 / 23 / 20 / 15 Wime creates a portal, that will teleport him backwards. This portal will activate instantly if the following conditions are met: Wime is above 30% health, is not CCed, and hasn't taken damage in the last two seconds. If these conditions aren't met, If he doesn't meet these conditions, there is a 3 second channel time. Wime cannot control the distance he travels._ ** Wime's 3rd Ability : Black Hole** _Cooldown : 23/21/19/17/15 seconds. Wime summons a black hole next to him, any enemies that are 640 range away will be stunned for 1 second, and take 25%/35%/40%/45%/50% of Wime's AD, and 10/25/35/65/100 damage. This black hole lasts for three seconds, and if it doesn't hit anyone, it goes on cooldown for 5 more seconds then usual. _ **Wime's Ultimate : Dimension Portal / Overdrive** _Cooldown : 120 / 100 / 80 seconds. Wime can decide which ability he wants to use by doing Shift + R, to change it's Mode._ **Dimensional Portal : Create a portal that can enter any location in the map, but, it will create an explosion at the area that deals 20%/25%/35%/40%/43% of Mime's attack damage. This ability has a three second channel time, and if he is CCed he cannot use it. However, after the explosion, Wime is in a very vulnerable state, and will take 200% increased damage for 3 seconds, and if 50% of his current health is gone, he will disappear immediately back if he isn't CCed. ** **Overdrive: Wime overdrives his hextech glove, channeling a powerful blast of energy for 4 seconds. After this period, a large portal appears infront of him, where a large creature opens it's mouth, and shoots a large blast of energy, dealing 20%/25%/35%/40%/43%, and leaving an area that deals 3% of a target's maximum health per second, for 10 seconds.**

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