New Mordekaiser Taunt + Braum Interaction Idea

So here's my idea based on the new Mordekaiser taunt (my husband is obsessed with Morde, I love poros an insane amount, you get the idea) and the current lore about poros that concern Braum. I play Braum mainly for the cute poro because I'm not a support main and I know he has animation/interactions with the little fuzzy guys. So Morde's new taunt has him throw the poro after bouncing it off of his shoulder - I was mortified the first time I saw this - and an idea was born. What if there was an interaction with Morde and Braum - on the same team obviously - where after Morde threw the poro, Braum would catch it? I don't know exactly how this would happen but maybe if it was something where the two had to be within throwing distance so I could turn into one smooth motion???? {{champion:82}} {{champion:201}}
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