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Note: The link is toward a picture of what I feel he would somewhat look like but of course better and with five heads. Note: Version 0.1.3 Update 0.1.1: Fixed a few of the spelling errors on the page. Update 0.1.2: Added a duration for Q's slow as well as changed the activate duration of Q evolution. Update 0.1.3: Adjusted Q's slow amount from 10/15/20/25/30% to 5/10/15/20/25% Feel free to comment on anything you like or dislike about this. Name: Xarach, the Great Beast Resource: Rage (0-100) Champion type: Jungler, Tank/Fighter(undecided), Melee Range Base stats: Health: 520 (+82 per lvl) Health Regen per 5: 7.6 (+0.9 per level) Mana: None, uses Rage Mana Regen per 5: None, no Rage regen Melee: 180 units Attack Damage: 64 (+3.9 per lvl) Attack Speed: 0.568 (+1.5% per lvl) Armor: 26 (+3.7 per lvl) Magic Resist: 31 (+3.4 per lvl) Movement Speed: 350 Lore: Throughout the land of Valoran, there are tales told by hunters and trappers alike, of a legendary beast so large and fierce that no man can hunt it and no creature can flee from it. That it has existed since Runeterra's birth and shall remain until she dies. That there is only one of it's kind, but that single one can cause the extinction of a species. It knows the language of man, it knows the language of creatures, and it knows the language of nature, yet it refuses to utter its true name. The beast's strength and fury depicted upon old cave walls and it's claw marks covering Valoran mountains. Thus these hunters and trappers have given this beast the name Xarach, the Great Beast. Xarach lived as a king in ancient times, all fearing him and him fearing nothing. Nothing could stand against his strength and wisdom, thus all who stood to oppose him quickly fell to their knees, begging for his forgiveness. However, a king must make his rule known to his subjects, thus only a few were able to live to see the next day after opposing him, with even fewer walking away whole. For millennia after millennia, he ruled the lands of Valoran with no creatures able to oppose his power. That was until he encountered a type of beasts that ignored his right to rule, refused to listen to his rule, and eventually would lead to the end of his rule. The creatures themselves were not large or fierce enough to stand up to his rule, in fact they were rather small compared to the other beasts of Valoran, but he knew that if one creature should refuse his rule, others are soon to follow. Xarath took it upon himself to attack these creatures with the sole purpose of eliminating their kind off his beloved Valoran. It was not long after he had found the creatures, that their kind had become the first extinction in the history of Runeterra and little did Xarach know, that that act of greed and aggression that saved his crown, would soon be the starting point for the fall of his kingdom. Though the creatures of Valoran feared Xarach and never dared anger their king, once they heard news of Runeterra's first extinction being caused by their king, they feared not only for their lives, but for their species. It was then that the creatures of Valoran stood up to Xarach, not as single fighters, but as a united kingdom for they knew that no matter how strong, no matter how fierce, a king shall fall if his kingdom stands against him. Sadly, the creatures of Valoran could not kill their king, for no matter what they tried, his scales were too strong and his claws were too sharp. As Xarach stood over the creatures he once ruled he simply said, "I did this for you, and you try to destroy my kingdom. It doesn't matter how many of you there are, the more of you that fall, the more that will come to follow." It was at this point that all hope seemed to have left Valoran, for it seemed no creature, big or small, no matter how few or many, nothing could stop Xarach's rule. As Xarach was about to end those who dared to oppose him, a creature of unknown origins attacked Xarach from the shadows with some sort of thrown weapon, and it was that one sneak attack that brought the ruler to the ground, not dead, but not conscious. The beasts of Valoran knew this was their only chance to remove their "king" from power and thus sealed him away in the deepest cave of the largest mountain in Valoran. But before the beasts of Valoran could thank their unknown hero, he disappeared as quickly as he appeared before, leaving nothing behind, not even his name. It has been eons since Xarach was sent to his prison, sleeping continuously since. However, the power he felt the destroyed his kingdom has awakened on Valoran, and with it, he has arisen once again. With a series of mighty blows, he crushed the mountain which was claimed his prison and began rampaging throughout Valoran, seeking that power. That power was the reason he lost his kingdom, and if he ends it now, he knows he can reclaim his kingdom and take back his crown. No matter what is in his path, no matter who is in his path, he will not stop searching until he finds that power and destroys it. His rage will be known to the land of Valoran once again, and that power that took everything from him, will soon bring it all back to him. "A king cannot be denied his crown, give it to me, or I shall take it." - Xarach Concept: Xarach is supposed to be a fairly weak early game jungler, but once you hit 6 what you choose for his first ability evolution changes how you play. Ex: if you plan on ganking the majority of the laning phase, then evolving your Q is likely the best idea since it will make your ganks that much stronger, but compared to the other evolutions, make you weaker in the jungle. If you plan on farming the jungle most of the time, evolving W is a better way to go in order to help you last longer in the jungle and help you get objectives such as dragon and baron/herald. Finally, you would evolve E if you are getting counterjungled so you can see where the enemy jungler is and plan accordingly. However, Xarach's enemies can see what you choose to upgrade to they can potentially adapt to your gameplay while you adapt to theirs, so its a give and take kind of situation. I feel like one thing that balances him out is how quickly he loses his Rage after being out of combat so if the enemies can keep him away he will slowly become more and more dealable, but the longer the fight goes on, the stronger he becomes so champions that can potentially burst him down can deal with him the easiest, especially early game. Abilities: Passive: Hydra heads: Each of Xarach's four additional heads act independently of the original/main head attacking and dealing physical damage to any surrounding hostile enemies at a rate of 25% the main head's attack speed and 50% damage of the main head. For every second Xarach is in combat, he generates 4/5/6 Rage and he generates an additional 1/2/3 Rage for every basic attack for each of his heads. After being out of combat for 4 seconds his Rage will decay at 12/11/10 Rage lost per second (lvl 1/8/15). Q: Aggressive Dominance CD: 10/9/8/7/6 Cost: 20 Rage Active: Xarach lashes out in a cone in front of him (angle:60 degrees and range:450) dealing 30/40/50/60/70 true damage to each enemy hit and slowing them by 5/10/15/20/25% for 2 seconds. Ability Evolution: Active: CD: None Cost: 40 Rage Xarach can cast Aggressive Dominance a second time within 2 seconds of the first cast dealing the same true damage to each target, but now stuns for 1 second to each target already slowed. W: Harden Scales CD: 16/14/12/10/8 Cost: 25 Rage Active: For 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds, Xarach hardens the scales on his body increasing his armor and magic resist by 5/10/15/20/25 granting him a shield able to absorb 40/70/100/130/160 (+5% max health). Ability Evolution: Xarach permanently gains 20 armor and magic resist. E: Apex Predation CD: 24/22/20/18/16 Cost: 20 Rage Active: For 4 Seconds, Xarach gains a decaying movement speed buff of 20/25/30/35/40% and gains a 5/10/15/220/25% attack speed increase. Ability Evolution: Apex Predation now grants Xarach the ability to sense any champions within 2400 units of him. R: Hydra's Wrath: CD: 120/110/100 Cost: No cost Passive: Every point in Hydra's Wrath grants Xarach the ability to strengthen one of his abilities. Active: For 5/10/15 seconds, Xarach becomes enraged and while enraged generates double the rage generation of his passive as well as halfing the cooldowns of each of his abilities. For his relationships with other champions and his emotes in LoL, I already have a few in mind with one of the champs already hinted in this.
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