Next Bloodmoon (2021) Candidates and Something New.....

I am once again excited for this year's Blood Moon skins, as I love these. I love the blood red color, the moon symbols, the asian clothing and beans etc. So here are my ideas for next time Blood Moon skins come... 1. Blood Moon Irelia: with the floating sword theme, she would look amazing with a BM skin 2. Blood Moon Zed: he fits perfectly as an evil shadow lord. Instead of a mask, he wears a helmet with four red eyes and red horns jutting out. 3. Blood Moon Ryze: not an ionian but he would look cool 4. Blood Moon Syndra: her orbs become blood red. I can see it now, the new great evil in Ionia. Now, for something new to the skin line.....the first ever Legendary Blood Moon skin: 5. Blood Moon Varus: he is more monstrous, and when he removes his mask you see a monstery darkin face underneath before he disappears.
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