Elextra, the Vengeance of the Kinkou

So this is just one of the weird random champion concepts I've put together out of sheer boredom. At first I thought this champ would be a good midlaner, but I decided that Assassin jungler makes more sense. I love the idea of Riven as a combo character so I had some inspiration from that. The whole point of her kit is to give her multiple combo possibilies. I know it may seem OP but hey, this is just a creation and I like the idea of it. Hell, maybe something in her kit will inspire something in Riot. -------------------------------------------------------------- Lore Elextra is a Ninja from the order if the Kinkou. Trained alongside Akali to bring balance to the world. She joined the order at a very young age. She was attacked by the villainous man while trying to protect Master Kusho. In her final moments she watched as her master was cut down by the traitor, she was able to crawl out of the area despite her wounds. It was at this time when Shen found her and It was at this time Elextra swore an oath to bring down the traitor back to the order to answer for his crimes. She trains daily in secret to bring down the monster she once called kin. With such hatred in her heart, she had to let go of the rules of the Kinkou order. She is too swayed by her emotions to remain as one of them. Although she still would lift a blade for their honor, she cannot in good conscious bring dishonor to the order with her path of vengeance. During her travels she became friends with a wandering swordsman, although he wasn't particularly fond of ninja, their kindred spirits brought them together as good friends. He could sympathize with her story of losing her master and he didn't judge her on her path of vengeance. Promising her a fight after she reclaims the kinkou order of operations and Zed's head on a pike. -------------------------------------------------------------- Appearance Elextra is of a slim build, as is the custom for ninja. She bears two tanto coated with a petricite compound. Normally a Demacian only thing, but after hearing of the murder of Master Kusho, a Demacian blacksmith made an exception and crafted them for her. Giving them magical properties. She wears the traditional kinkou style clothing. A mask to conceal her identity and slim fitting ninja clothing. Her hair is a medium length black, being kept up in a ponytail. -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Assassin/Fighter Resource: Energy Range: Melee(125) Style: Ability Focused Difficulty: Eh. I'll let y'all decide HP: 590 HP Per Level:65 Energy: 200 Energy Regen: 50 AD: 56 AD Per Level: 3 Attack Speed: 0.651 +( 1.5% ) Armor: 30 Armor Per Level: 2 Magic Resist: 35 Magic Resist Per Level: 2 Move Speed: 340 -------------------------------------------------------------- Passive: Stalk- Elextra gains bonus movement speed when on the enemies side of the map while remaining unseen. Q: Elegant Footwork- Elextra sends powerful kicks toward her enemy First cast: Elextra kicks upward, sending enemy champions airborne .75 seconds Second Cast: Elextra leaps forward and kicks any airborne enemies in the kicks range back to the ground dealing damage. If there are no enemies she simply leaps forward and performs an axe kick. W: Twilight Embrace- Elextra dashes in target direction. The petricite in her daggers coat her in a spellshield for .75 seconds. The effects of Twilights Vengeance only effect the Dash, the spellshield has a cooldown equal to the original CD of the ability. Ranking up this ability slightly increases dash range as well as reduces the cooldown Range: 500 feet at rank 1 600 at max rank E: Shadow Sting- First Cast: Elextra slings a dagger in front of her, the dagger is coated with shadow. If it hits an enemy champion or unit. It impales into them dealing damage and applying a bleed. If it misses it sticks into the ground applying a nearsighted effect to those who walk over it. Second Cast: Elextra blinks to her dagger R: Twilights Vengeance Passive: Kills and Assists reset the cooldown of Twilight Embrace. Active: Elextra relives her memories of the night of her Masters death, going into a murderous bloodthirsty rage. Her tanto glow with ominous energy and She gains bonus movement speed and attack damage. At the end of her rampage she is "grounded" for 1 second as she tries to regain her composure. Second Cast: Elextra turns into a killer shadow and dashes forward. If an enemy is below a certain health threshold. She rips their heart out and crushes it. instantly executing them. -------------------------------------------------------------- Relationships Rivals Zed, Kayn and Syndra Friends Akali, Shen, Kennan and Yasuo -------------------------------------------------------------- Launch skin ideas Project: Elextra Blood Moon Elextra Sandstorm Elextra
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