Mordekaiser Skin Proposition

So in my opinion {{champion:82}} is a fantastic champion he has a really unique identity, haven't seen him played much in games as of late but I still think he's awesome. There are a couple of issues that sort of come to light when you look at Mordekaiser as opposed to other Shadow Isles champions. ({{champion:30}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:412}}) There is a general recurring theme between all of these champs and that is Spectral/spirit designs, blues, greens, and all receiving the same effect for their VO. The Shadow Isles has been defined art wise at this point and I would like to see Mordekaiser reflect this a little more. Now I know a lot of people are used to the master of metal with his pizza boots odd way of swinging his mace. However, I think there is a way we can get him in line with the current art style of the Shadow Isles but he can still be the big hunk of metal and anger he has always been. A visual update similar to Sejuani's where her traditional skin is still available could work, or I know I would pay for a legendary skin for Morde if it were a part of the Underworld series of skins like Wukong. So it would be complete with the same VO effects as the Shadow Isles Champs and the skin would bring him in line with the current residents of the Shadow Isles. There could be some more spectral-y particles for said skin as well. Any thoughts or ideas, criticisms are welcome as well, just be civil please!
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