So do anybody know when Riot will make another Rek'sai skin, or any other skin in general?

Like it's been 3-4 years since they made a poolparty skin and it's really tiring seeing popular champions getting their skins 24/7 all day and night, which make me really frustrated. I do understand that by giving skins to the popular champions that they receive a great alot of money and support from their huge playerbase on Lux, Ezeral, Caitlyn Etc. But i state my opinion that their skins is really bland in general and nothing interesting tbh, like they made Battleboss Qiyana and Yasou which dosen't fit them the slightest at all, Battleboss Cho'gath, Rek'sai, Vel'koz or even Aatrox would have made much more fitting theme for them than theese two abominations they made. So yeah i should probably stop complaing because Riot ignores 70% of the boards anyway, but it's just feel so wrong that they give skins to the champs are just popular instead of the ones who needs them right now. But anyway here's my opinion and i wanna hear your thoughts aswell on what sort of brainstorm you have hidden on new skins like Darkstar skarner or Hacker Zilean.
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