So...there is this champ named Taric

Hello League Boards. For almost 2 months I have been playing this game and I have found several things. 1st this game is really fun, I have played smite, DOTA 2, and several other MOBA's to try the game type yet I have never really...liked it. About 3 months ago my best friend had told me about League. Now from what I heard in all of these MOBA's that I have tried League apparently sucked so I was hesitant to try it til I finally gave in. I have 2 fav positions, ADC which I dual main {{champion:104}} and{{champion:18}} while I also love support which I main {{champion:201}} . So I have been doing my best to learn new champs, I play the crap out of them even if they are massively countered, til I get fairly good at them. I was doing some research on support champions and I came across this chamo by the name of Taric..........I check his stats and abilities out since he is free this week and I look over some gameplay videos....He is the WORST support I have ever seen. I have seen {{champion:17}} support do better....I even tried {{champion:74}} support because I wanted to screw around. Riot, I ask of you a simple question. Why, out of all the crazy and beautiful champions you have bestowed upon the League community did you change Taric. Back in season 3 and 4 I found in my research he was very effective as a support and if someone wanted to learn the role they would start as Taric since he was a supper basic yet efective champion such as {{champion:86}} Being a support/adc main I know the pain of being a bad support and having one so I ask of you oh gracious Riot, could you give Taric a buff or even a rework? <3 Thanks!
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