Instrumental Song for Shyvana

The Blood Of My Father (Inspired by and dedicated to Shyvana) by Sid
An instrumental track for the League of Legends Champion Shyvana. Artwork by Ae-Rie (
This music is inspired by Shyvana lore. Mostly the bit before she joined Demacia as the Elite Guard. Here I wanted to make something which makes the listener be reminded of the origin of Shyv. Mostly about her being an outcast because of her mixed race and the death of her father who made her who she was. This isn't a very angry song. But I've tried to make it as intense as possible with the limiter resources I have. I really hope you like it! The artwork is by [Ae-Rie]( and you can find the original art [here.]( Please do leave your thoughts below and please do tell me if I can improve on things here. I will try and incorporate it in the next one! :D Happy Listening! :)

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