Risen Lissandra (Concept Art)

https://67.media.tumblr.com/b78d43eca437858ecc090dd41f155b88/tumblr_o9kho4mT8S1vuu3clo1_540.png https://cdn2.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/002/919/218/large/thomas-randby-modelmockups.jpg?1467259571 Hey everyone! I wanted to share a concept I've drafted up for a Shuriman themed Lissandra skin in the same line as Risen Fiddlesticks. I drew a lot of thematic inspiration from Cassiopeia, Nasus and Risen Fiddles, and it was a lot of fun to come up with something classically Shuriman but that was still suited to Lissandra's imposing character and silhouette! I wrote out a short little paragraph detailing the alternate character fantasy I've imagined for this skin, as well. > Ages ago, the desert empress Lissandra ruled the dunes of Shurima with a whisper and a gilded fist. A cunning and ruthless queen, Lissandra made employ of powerful sorcery to bend her enemies and subjects alike to her iron will. Upon her death, the people rejoiced in hope of a reprieve from her tyranny, but that hope soon proved to be ill fated. Lissandra was not content to journey into the afterlife, and rose from her ornate tomb as a monstrous revenant to stalk the Shuriman waste. Legend has it that the Queen’s Shade roams the dunes still, eternally seeking to quench her unslaked thirst for the power that was once at her fingertips. I'm still coming up with ideas for particles! A Sarcophagus is the obvious choice for her ult, but in case it treads too closely to the Blade Queen Iron Maiden I want to draw a version where she encases herself in a carved obelisk instead. I think there's a lot of cool opportunities to utilize sand and hieroglyphs in her VFX, and I'm picturing mummified claws for her e and the "root" models in her W. I also like the idea of her golden mask fracturing during her recall, revealing a bandaged, rotting face underneath before she sinks into the quicksand. Let me know what you guys think! I hope you like her! You can see more of my work on my [twitter](http://twitter.com/faeriefountain), [artstation](http://artstation.com/artist/hyliart), [my creative stream on twitch, ](http://twitch.tv/faeriefountain)and if you're a fan of what I'm doing you can [support me on Patreon!](http://patreon.com/HYLIArt) Thanks so much for taking a look!
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