sires the gurdian of the void

sires is a fighter/mage AD he is made of crystal. he has a diamond shape flouting head with a flouting torso (which is also a diamond shape) with two crystal blade arms and flouting shattered crystal (SC) behind him. passive is when every time sires attacks with a spell some of his SC stick into them causing true damage and if he kill some one with a SC in them he gets a attack speed (AS) and if he kill a void born he's hunting he will get an extra bust of movement speed. Q it is where he fires in a straight line with one of his arms and it lowers his AS. W he channels for a small moment and fire energy through his body E sires absorbs some of his SC and through them to a target location then ether it explodes after 5 sec or it explodes if a enemy steps on it R he destroys his body and has increased range and every time he attack he activates his passive and cant use his Q. Lore he was lonely traveler when he found a way to the void ( the first void rift ) when he was in the void he found a crystal that crystal made him so that will stop any one coming in or out of the void. but some things got through and he will hunt all void born with out his permission to leave. sires gave permission to Vel,coz( to learn more about the wourld) . the others he will find and destroy.
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