Fiddlesticks Rework Idea

I came across a video that discussed the upcoming reworks for 2020 for fiddle and volibear (i'll be waiting with baited breath for fiddle and noc specifically though) and the comments were discussing all these creepy ideas for lore or design, and I for one was thinking of gameplay that could tie into some of those ideas. One of the popular things discussed in the video was the creepy arms coming out of fiddlesticks in one of the early throwaway concept art designs. Personally, I have no interest in Fiddlesticks having arms coming out of him as that is far more of a shadow isles thing which I don't _believe_ he has been explicitly tied to. Maybe he is ENTIRELY shadow isles related or derived and I am just ignorant which is fine, but even if he was it just doesn't seem right to me. What DOES seem right to me, and is almost the exact same, is tendrils. Not tentacle tendrils mind you, but plants. Fiddlesticks is supposed to be a scarecrow, and scarecrows are supposed to protect a bountiful harvest, so why can't he promote growth? I'm not thinking of a bright, benevolent one however, cause that would go against the design. I had thought about his ultimate where he jumps the wall and runs around with a crowstorm, and his w where he stands there and performs the suck. I love fiddlesticks as he was the first champ i bought while i saved up for nocturne, but the fact that he can get cc'd out of his most integral move so easily and get clapped afterwards was always annoying. (Yes obviously you can fear them and or silence them prior, but fearing them pre-6 where you can't just ult from stealth and be right next to them, or using such a short silence usually invites them to run out of range due to how fear functions and you're standing STILL, or they're as I said, silenced for a comparatively short amount of time in relation to the silence. Now what does ANY of this have to do with where I'm going? Well, I thought, Fiddlesticks is a scarecrow.... they're stationary. They even somewhat recently changed his passive so he benefits from standing still and he even freezes as a funny effect. Why not go all in on that aesthetic with the gameplay while keeping him thematically satisfying and making him a true horror as in the lore (and hopefully future completely changed lore). Make the ult a post that he puts down, or better yet the scythe. The ult is the center of the crow storm. Either he places it down where he is, or he can throw it a short distance, I don't care, that's for the balancing team to decide. Otherwise it is functionally the same as before. Now you're probably thinking, what do you do now? You said you want him to be more stationary, but you're removing his ability to stick to enemies and keep them within range of his most dangerous ability. Well I think that would be solved with changing the q, or e ability entirely, or adding an extra part to his w. The drain. And here is where the tendrils come in. Have it so that as a regular ability, fiddlesticks can summon vines or poison ivy or whatever have you, just like zyra, he can send it out like zyra or perhaps cast them from anywhere like Viktor's laser. And it pulls the enemy towards the direction it originated. All while Fiddle is using the drain to suck the life out of his enemies. He can either have it on his w, and just drain enemies who are being dragged from safety, or he can have it as a separate ability, and like many other characters, have it as his "activate condition." Y'know, when "if you land this ability, it is safe to use that ability." Another cool thing would be if they either let the move have charges, or, strictly when fiddlesticks places down the ult, he has an extremely low cooldown on the pull. Imagine a teamfight breaks out, and he places down the ult and like with many strong teamfight ults the enemy has to run in FEAR. But if the fiddle player is good at managing multiple skillshots, there's nowhere to run. He drags his enemies towards his ravenous malestrom, constricting their limbs, draining the life from them. THAT is horror to me. Of course horror is subjective, and that leaves out his other abilities, but THAT is what I think would be an amazing alteration to a character I hold dear, but can't bring myself to play consistently due to how impossible it seems to make good use of his most important ability: the drain. Or at least it was, until people realized he's better suited to becoming a fear bot due to the ever increasing number of champions with cc. I don't have a problem with cc, otherwise I wouldn't suggest it for Fiddle here, but he needs some cc that fosters the use of his drain, not inhibits it. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. I hope Riot sees this and at least considers it, because it is hands down among the most fun things I've spent a little time thinking about. While I know Riot never wants to just directly take ideas from fans without putting a spin on it, I think that Fiddlesticks changing from something that you run from, to something you CAN'T run from would be a much better direction to go with the character. EDIT: I forgot to mention how cool the skins would become with this idea. Now with his robot skin, the wires in his w now chase you and drag you to be dismantled, the ice encroaches upon you to prevent safe passage, spectral (okay maybe hands) pull you unto death, the sands sink you towards suffocation, and while there are more, perhaps the most popular would be the party streamers that ensnare you, and ensure you never enjoy another birthday.

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