WHYYYYYY RIOT? WHY? Why change Urgot that much ?

I always loved playing as Urgot! i play this game for years! but then you just show me this fucking stupid thing that seems with just another brute guy? WHY????? Please answer me! why would you change an style of a character that's its obviously in pain, in suffering for his honor and just surviving because he truly believe that THIS IS THE RIGHT THING? WHYYYY on earth you just thrown away such big thing in the visuals on Urgot! THAT'S WHAT HE IS! I Why Make such a normal thing! an Extremely stupid looking! there are some people saying that's not Him! well i really want to believe in that! like for REAL! because he is so much more then a guy with no balance in his design HE IS BASICALLY THE OPPOSITE! He was an huge warrior! an mighty that just took all the pain and kept going!. He passed though everything! to make the right thing! He follow any order that is given to him! he don't need an strong body ! and so was i playing as him! i never wanted him to became another unstoppable character! HE's NOT THAT! He's thinks more than everything His body don't give him everything, like strength and invulnerability . HE DON'T NEED THAT! He is a WAR GENIUS AND SO MUST YOU BE TO PLAY AS HIM! You are weak ! yes I AM ! But i will think over it! and pass through every Challenge ! no matter how much broken is my body! i will make through! AND I WILL WIN THIS FIGHT! Please think again... i love Urgot! on of my first Pentakill was as the crabby guy.., please don't...
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