A niche yet to be filled

Books. One of the very few archetypes League has not yet filled is that of a librarian, and the more I think about it the more I want to see a champion with this theme. I don't have a real concept, but here are some abilites/lore fragments/things I think might be cool: Abilities: - A spellbook mechanic? Abilties/spells could be weak on their own, but could combo with each other to form more powerful incantations. - Some ideas for spells as described above: a) Generic healing spell b) Generic damaging skillshot ab) Comboing A and B together gives a skillshot with 100% spellvamp. c) A tether which roots after a few seconds ac) A+C = tether to an ally to heal over a few seconds and give tenacity bc) B+C = Skillshot with an instant root abc) All three together: Big skillshot with root and spellvamp? Tether to ally for dmg boost and healing? Et cetera - Stealing/giving mana, maybe with a tether between the caster and the affected. Obvious parallel between mana and brainpower/knowledge/etc makes this almost a must. - Buffing other champions' AP - Stealing other champions' AP - Maybe something inspired by Death Note? A Book of Names comes to mind, where if you scratch out a name the person is hurt/killed. In game, could be a shit-ton of true damage or something. - Could buy books in the shop, read them to regain mana Possible Lore: - A Ionian librarian living close to a magical node, whose books became endowed with consciousness and power of the course of years. - A Demacian researcher who stumbled across a trove of enchanted books hidden in the back of a storeroom. Tentatively uses them in defense of his country, but feels conflicted due to his deep-seated fear and distrust of magic. - The semi-corporeal avatar created by an ancient library in order to enact its interests. - The Targonian Aspect of Knowledge Stuff: - Surrounded by floating books? - Related to the spell-combination concept - spells could be rune based. Runes line up in the air when abilities are cast, then pulse when activating. - League doesn't have many pretty guys - a cute male librarian would be good eye candy. Maybe give him glasses for maximum nerdiness. - I see opportunities to make this guy/girl ANIME AS FUCK - Does he/she have to be human? Maybe not... - Vastaya? Could be interesting - Would have to be careful to differentiate from Ryze EDIT 1: May make a champion concept from this. May make a few, actually. I know Riot never looks at these when designing champions but fuck it it's fun.
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