The Mischievous Adventures part 370

(Next day) {{champion:107}}: "Wow..." {{champion:85}}: "Um excuse me sir?" {{champion:107}}: "Yeah?" {{champion:85}}: "Why are you staring at that abounded house." {{champion:107}}: "Cause it looks pretty.." {{champion:85}}: "Pretty?" {{champion:107}}: "Yeah look at the vines over there, it looks like a smiley face." {{champion:85}}: "...It does." {{champion:107}}: "And those broken chairs, it looks like children playing with each other." {{champion:85}}: "Wow it does!" {{champion:107}}: "And those flowers..." {{champion:85}}: "They look so pretty..." {{champion:107}}: "Yeah..." {{champion:107}} {{champion:85}}: "...…" {{champion:85}}: "Well thank you for showing me the pretty house stranger-...Oh wait you're stranger." {{champion:107}}: "So?" {{champion:85}}: "So? You're not going to offer me candy and put me in a truck?" {{champion:107}}: "I'm really not a fan of candy, I don't have a truck I have a car, and why would I put a kid in my car? I don't know you, and that's stranger danger." {{champion:85}}: ".....Yeah never mind. Bye now!" *Walks away* {{champion:107}}: "Bye little kid. What a funny boy."
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