Nasus VGU?

There are a lot of things going on at the current moment when it comes to future reworks in League, but I strongly believe that a {{champion:75}} rework could be beneficial in the future. As a previous Nasus OTP, (I still play him a fair amount) compared to many other top lane tanks/bruisers in top lane he is extremely boring and lackluster. Nasus is designed as a champion to be a god, but he doesn't really touch on that. I feel like after the 12 stack Nasus buff he has gotten way out of hand but he is impossible to play at high elo given his kit is so easily counterable, and there aren't many healthy abilities in his kit. For starters, his w. Nasus's W is, IMO, the stupidest slow in the game. 95% slow on a point and click ability, like WHY. Okay, I get Nasus needs some form of ability to chase other champions given a lot of top laners have escape abilities that can get them away from him super easily, but it's just a filler ability that is infuriating to play against but at the same time feels lackluster. The unhealthy part of Wither is that in order for you to all in somebody with W, they have to make a mistake and walk into range of it. It's not like some CC ability like Syndra Q+E or Thresh Q to engage a fight, it's simply an ability designed to punish mistakes, but if you're playing against anybody who either is too far away to cast or just doesn't walk close enough, it feels like a useless ability. And his Q is just a basic auto attack but it is empowered by the amount of stacks you have, which is actually one of the most interesting things about his kit. The problem with his Q is that the amount of stacks you get and the amount of damage you can deal with his Q even while building full tank is rather broken. You can build Thornmail, Deadmans, Ninja Tabi, Tri Force, Spirit Visage, and Frozen Heart and still do 500+ damage late game with his Q, which when playing against feels like there is no counterplay whatsoever. Nasus's passive is really just boring, and compared to many other passives for champions it is lackluster and not interesting at all. Simple lifesteal that scales into late game. Nothing cool, to make you feel like an actual Shuriman Demigod rather than being just some lame dog with a staff. Don't get me wrong, there are many champions that are in need of reworks way above Nasus at the current moment, as despite Nasus's boring kit (that could probably be expanded on in a very interesting way) such as {{champion:72}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:31}}, to name a few, however I genuinely think that a possible Nasus VGU in late 2020 or even in 2021 would be a super cool idea. For example, maybe make his Q an AoE skillshot like Mord Q except smaller, give him a new passive that makes him feel like the true Shuriman Demigod that he should be, I don't know exactly what could be done. These are just my thoughts though, maybe people think Nasus is perfectly fine right now. Have a great day everyone!
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