Karyak - The Woodland Dread

https://i.imgur.com/AU0Y6kj.jpg (artwork ain't mine, but it gives the idea of what this champ is supposed to be) Out of all the champions we have in the game, like dragons, demons, ascended, ghosts, whatever the frick rammus is supposed to be, we do not have a Wendigo. This is what I am aiming for with Karyak, a clever forest spirit, using forest life to his advantage quite literally. The lore can go in many directions, a benevolent spirit that protects the forests of runeterra, a malevolent demon that hunts down those who travel into the forest, it can go in many different ways, so I rather let you's decide Karyak's lore in the comments. Yes, by wendigo I mean not the things from until dawn, I mean the folklore spirit with a deer skull for a face, makes it all the more scary, but due to the same reasons as karthus, Maybe the wendigo's face can be half ghost. Now for his kit: Role: Jungle Damage type: AP Passive: The Karyakian Sigil Karyak can choose to possess wolf, raptor, krug or gromp camps and use them to his advantage, their damage amplifies based on Karyak's health. Karyak can hold up to three camps for his army at once. After possessing a camp, the camp monsters will wander the forest in groups with red glowing eyes, and hunt down enemy champions that stray in the jungle. Q: Wither-Root On activation, Karyak with fire withered tree roots in a straight line through the ground, rooting all enemies hit by it. Karyak can recast to make the current tip of the attack erupt into a frenzy of roots, knocking enemies up in a circle. W: Ruinous Carrion p: If Karyak isn't attacked in 5 seconds, a single crow will flock around him, up to 5 crows total, all crows appear once he respawns. The crows act as minions, and will flock out at enemies, prioritizing the current target of Karyak. Crows also travel twice as fast as Karyak. a: Karyak sends a wave of crows in an expanding cone, slowing attacks and afflicting grievous wounds to enemies hit. E: Rotting Wall Karyak creates a wall of withered tree roots, which are passable only by karyak and his allies, and are considered wall terrain for enemies. The walls can be broken, but is able to block skillshots (excluding ultimates), but it damages the wall as well. Karyak can have up to 6 Walls on the map at a time, making an exceeding one destroys the oldest wall. R: Curse of the Stalker Karyak crosses him arms with claws open and warps to any location on the map that doesn't cross the enemy team's current border (current outer turrets) and cannot warp into the enemy team's base. After Karyak warps, withered roots spread across the ground from where he warps, damaging and rooting enemies caught in the roots. Karyak Gains invisibility for 6 seconds after warping if he warped into an area that isn't currently under enemy vision control.

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