Ludwig, The Holy Blade (Bloodborne x League of Legends event champion idea)

Despite this may never happen but seeing Ludwig in bloodborne really makes me think he can actually preform as a champion in league, like a very cool one for that matter. We have a lot of edgy boiz, arrogant boiz, and take back what is right boiz, but this guy is all about trying to help everything right even through his suffering. So time to go over this horse... centaur... nightmare... whatever the heck he is. Role: Bruiser Damage: AD and AP (under a certain circumstance) Lane: Jungle Passive - My Guiding Moonlight All of Ludwigs abilities can be enhanced by the Moonlight Greatsword by holding down the key for the ability, enhancing it's damage but furthering its cast time (like charging up Sion's q) When it's fully charged, Ludwig will apply an extra effect to the ability with bonus ap damage, scaling with his damage imput and for how long the key was held. Ludwig cannot move while charging an attack. Q - The Light's Edge Ludwig swings his sword in front of him, slowing and damaging enemies in a wide cone. If Ludwig charges the attack completely, the swing will send a lightwave in the target direction, dealing 60% of the damage of the cone's damage imput. The sword range (not the lightwave) from the fully charged attack also deals 15% of the opponents maximum health as bonus damage. W - Divine Dominion Ludwig thrusts his blade into the ground, making a shockwave in a circle around him that knocks up enemies that stand within it. If Ludwig charges the attack completely, the attack's range increases while dealing more damage, also gaining 30% bonus attack speed. E - Ride of the Hunters Ludwig slowly dashes forward while swinging his blade, trampling opponents he runs into and making a semicircle range slash at the end. When the attack is fully charged, Ludwig dashes in the target direction quickly while knocking opponents in the direction of his travel, doing greatly increased damage. The fully charged version can go through walls. R - The Thread of Light Ludwig has a required charge up for the ability. If the key is let go during the channeling, the ability goes on cooldown, how long depending on how long the key was held. Once the channel is complete, Ludwig slams his sword down, creating a massive cone of holy light, dealing devastating damage to opponents within the range. The range of the attack is incredibly large, however, opponents are noted of the hitbox range on the ground as he charges up, after he raises his sword up (an animation in the middle of channelling). Interactions because it might add a bit more personality to Ludwig {{champion:266}} Once a holy blade fell into hellbent destruction... as of I suffered so. {{champion:32}} I still yet not know why you will not rest in peace... {{champion:432}} Tell me, what was the fleeting thing that guided you to your travels? {{champion:69}} One so corrupted by a beast, to become one, is a dreadful fate indeed. {{champion:31}} You remind me well of beasts I hunted, monstrous, and vigorous fiends. {{champion:131}} So, you have also seen the moonlight... {{champion:9}} Well then, aren't you strange... {{champion:120}} You suffered the same fate as I? Also with a steed... That's perplexing... {{champion:202}} May I perhaps use one of your chosen weapons? It gives me nostalgia indeed... {{champion:141}} I remember the one with the scythe, one of the first... {{champion:121}} Your highly intelligent for a fiend, a remarkable hunt. {{champion:89}} The sun sadly has never shone on me, quite figuratively and literally. {{champion:89}} Someone, somewhere in this world, is praising. {{champion:56}} This nightmare is ready to be slain! {{champion:20}} You tamed a beast? I have never heard of this ever in my life... {{champion:421}} And I thought I was hideous enough through becoming a horror you see now... I was outmatched. {{champion:67}} You will make an excellent hunter, will you join me and my hunters? {{champion:83}} Still clinging to a glimmering light? I done so as well...
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