If Skarner and Xerath are really going to wait 2000 days for a skin, hose skins should clebrate that

Edit: sorry for the typo, faulty keyboard! it's "those" and "celebrate" respectively! Because i don't recall many champs waiting for a skin the amount of time Xerath and Skarner are doing (around 1660 days), so those skins should really be worth it. even despite them being just "not profitable", since they're still part of the game and as such they deserve attention. I can understand the case for Skarner *to an extent*: he really needs a vgu, and hopefully he'll get one. But that's another story. But Xerath! He's been in a balanced state ever since his rework in 2013, with good winrate, and despite being a niche character, his pickrate is ok. His vfx still hold up to today's standards, an are really beautiful. "But his model makes it hard to make skins, and only chromas can be made for him!" Allow me to disagree: there are tons of concepts for xerath, offering a wide variety of appearances: Dark Star Xerath: there's even a wonderful concept ( https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/JAgAUXGU-skin-idea-dark-star-xerath?show=flat ) made by SlownD. Dark themes suit xerath particulalry well, due to his personality and story, and shooting deep space energy would fit him like a ring; The new Dark Cosmic line is also so fitting for Xerath: being so powerful, he could manage the power from both Dark Star, and Cosmic Reaver. Archlight Xerath: one of the most evil characters in LoL trying to redeem himself? White and gold armor, white particles with symbolism and plummeting dark forces shooting blinding light arcanopulses, or purging them from the skies with celestial arcane barrages; Harrowing/Haunted Xerath: i mean, his armor is a sarcophagus, just make it creepier with some dark material/monstrous insertions, slap some green/light blue spooky particles, let him unleash his spooky magic while ulting, et voilà, you just found a skin for the next harrowing! Mecha/pulsefire Xerath: i just need a good mechanical/robotic alternative to Battlecast Xerath. Armor transforms as he casts his spells (to each spell his form) and returns normal after the cast: it'd be so cool to see him transforms while comboing. Orange/yellow particles, and you're good to go. Void Xerath: this one may be a little bit trickier, but with the organic armor, and tendons or alikes keeping it in place, Xerath should still look quite Void-y while casting purple colored spells! An ascended Xerath skin would be top of the top, however i don't have any solid concept to go from =/ Battleboss Xerath: like seriously, already playing against xerath feels like a boss battle, where you got to close on him dodging everything he throws at you. he was even the boss in ascension mode, how about that! Elementalist would be cool too, Q could be a concentrated ray of wind, W water from above, E some kind of lightning, and R could work as a volcano erupting. or you could switch between R and W also Program, but he really fits well into any tech-y theme, just switch his sarcophagus armor with some metal, slap some cool VFX and there you go Edit: with Stars Shaper, we went with the idea of a magic lancer xerath: His q could be a spear that stretches as j4's does (maybe he juggles with It as charging animation?) His w can a spear falling from the sky E could be another type of spear, or a morning star. R could be javelins His armor could be like the Lancer zero skins, or made up with weapons and blades, like a moving armory Also, i'd love if a skin could be made out of his concept art, those black and white particles are really nice: https://imgur.com/a/xHXJ3Es Here are some skarner skins ideas: Giant enemy lobner/deep terror skarner Surprisingly to me, a lobster skarner skin is a popular concept. however i don't want it to be an april fool's line skin, se here's some ideas for it: Passive: capped by the enemy: boat floating midair. capped by skarner & team: the ship sinks and lays on map terrain, like a shipwreck on the bottom of the ocean floor, really dark). dark water currents show the spire range. Q: dark water splash/ tentacles going allout from skarner's body. W: dark water bubble engulfs skarner/or some kind of frightening coral reef. E: not sure about it, could be some kind of dark water projectile. R: tentacles going all out from skarner's tail, entangling the victim. Sandscourge to be reworked into High Noon Skarner Assuming he'll keep the same ult, the main concept would be that HN skarner impales someone, he ruptures his armor, and flames spurt out as we get a glimpse of his inner demon form. He then should drag the soul of the target, along with the body. A good example of this would be the instance where illaoi slams you with her tentacles, and your champ soul almost pops out. Lorewise, HN skarner should be that demon that kidnaps souls and sucks them inside of him/his stinger, to drag them in hell, or wherever are those demons from. Also he should probably wear a cowboy hat, that'd be dope. That or a soulstealer skin, i always wanted a skarner skin that allows him to drag souls away, as he drags Champions ingame. Passive: capped by the enemy: normal sand lair, with some cinder and smoke coming out of it. capped by skarner & team: sand lair with flames going out of it, like an entrance to hell. jericho roses and sand particles at the edge of the spire. Q: erupts fire and dust; W: horns appear allover him, and his body is covered in fire. E: revolver, that's all. R: skarner unleashes his demonic form, and lunges his stinger to drag the unfortunate soul (literally) in hell. Void skarner His claws become jaws, his stinger has an aline-esque appearance. passive could be some void relic, eggs, spawn, etc. Riot skarner Passive: capped by skarner & team: flare gun shoots from the center of the spire, and the flare stays on the floor His claws are electric staffs, and his stinger has a taser like appearance. Q: electric shock from his staffs. W: riot shields spawn and his siren activates. E: water gun on his back. R: taser shoots a charge at target, sirens activate. Dark Cosmic Skarner really fitting of him, since scorpion is a zodiac sign, but his ult can be a literal blackhole his passive can be made of nebulae's/cosmic object. E can be a star being shot from skarner's core Fire themed skarner; Ice theme skarner; Death blossom. Let me know what do you think, thank you!
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