[Champion Concept] Bentham -- The Battle Medic (ADC/SUPPORT ATTEMPT)

Hey everyone! Another champion concept here! My aim here is to try and blend an ADC kind of role with a support. Let me know your thoughts!! **PASSIVE – TRIAGE** • _Innate_: As long as Bentham is near an allied champion, when he or an allied champion’s health drops to 40% or below, Bentham grants himself and his ally a **[30 – 90] (based on level)** health shield for up to 2 seconds and grants himself a 30% bonus attack and movement speed buff for 2 seconds. This ability has a 45 second cooldown. **Q – EMERGENCY PROTOCOLS** •_Active_: Bentham switches between one of his two stances, channelling for 0.5 seconds. 1. _Battle_: Bentham’s auto-attacks target enemies. Every third attack against an enemy deals **20/35/50/5/80 (+40% AP)** magic damage. 2. _Medic_: Bentham’s auto-attacks can only target **allied champions**. While in Medic stance, Bentham’s attack speed is reduced to **[0.47 – 0.67] (based on level)** and he does not gain bonus attack speed from effects other than his own passive. Hitting an allied champion with an auto-attack heals them for **30/40/50/60/70 (+20% AD) (+40% AP)** health over a **6 (-1% per 0.5% bonus AS)** seconds. This effect can stack. **W – ANAESTHETIZE/BOOSTER SHOT** • _Active_: Bentham primes a syringe, channelling for up to 5 seconds, to increase the range of his next auto-attack over the next 2 seconds (after 2 seconds, it reaches maximum range). Bentham can switch stances while activating this ability. 1. _On Enemy_: Bentham targets an enemy dealing **20/40/60/80/100 (+120% AD) (+50% AP)** damage and stunning them for 1.25 seconds. 2. _On Ally_: Bentham immediately heals an ally for **40/70/110/150/190 (+20% AD) (+20% AP)** health and applying the stat of his medic stance. **E – EVACUATION** • _Active_: Bentham throws a cleansing pellet at his feet, blinding nearby enemies for 1 second and causing a fog to persist over a very small immediate area for up to 2 seconds. Allies within the area are obscured. Leaving the edge of the obscured area grants allies a 20%/23%/26%/29%/32% decaying burst of movement speed for 3 seconds. **R – QUARANTINE** • _Active_: Bentham summons a circular zone with two distinct areas which lingers for 5 seconds. The inner central zone grants **13/19/25 (+1 per 100 AP)** armor and magic resistance to allies, while the outer zone deals **30/60/90 (+70% AP)** magic damage each second to enemies.
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