A Corporate Matter Season 9 Episode 10

#A Corporate Matter **Episode: _Who Gets To Say Our Hobbies Don't Fit Who We Are_** {{champion:427}} "So, once we are done restoring everything, do you think they might let us add a few things? Since we are working on the building anyway." {{champion:89}} "It's doubtful, but it would be nice to make a few improvements." {{champion:427}} "Yeah, we could do a lot. What would you add, if you could?" {{champion:89}} "Hmmm, an exercise room. Treadmill, weights, that kind of stuff. With these crazy hours Kled is having me work I don't have time to go to the gym as often as I like." {{champion:427}} "What about you Pyke, something spooky I'm sure." {{champion:555}} "I'd like a huge fish tank, right in the main lobby. For everyone to see when they first walk in." {{champion:89}} "That's awfully tame of you." {{champion:555}} "I miss the ocean." {{champion:89}} "You haven't said what you would want, Ivern." {{champion:427}} "Easy, a Basketball court." {{champion:89}} "Basketball, really?" {{champion:427}} "It's a secret passion of mine. It would be amazing. I would be a true Dunkmaster. And all the other Dunkmasters would come to my court to chill and play Basketball. I can imagine it now." **** {{champion:119}} "What is up ladies and gentlemen. I am Catseye Primetime Draven. Hosting this Dunkmaster 3v3 on the Corporate Courts. This is my co-host, Tanzanite Primetime Draven." {{champion:119}} "Draven, you ever notice how we are the only announcers, for any event. Don't you think it gets a little repetitive?" {{champion:119}} "It's because we are simply the best. Besides, this is only a daydream, so we aren't really even here." {{champion:119}} "Ah, that makes sense. Well, let's get to the game. Let's let the home team introduce themselves." {{champion:427}} "Dunkmaster Ivern here, taking names and winning games." {{champion:11}} "I am the original Dunkmaster Yi. You are all nooblords compared to me. {{champion:254}} "Dunkmaster Vi's my name, I'm just here to make you look lame. {{champion:119}} "Oooh, poetic. And the visiting team?" {{champion:122}} "Name's Dunkmaster Darius. I'm the full package; Playmaker, spine breaker." {{champion:75}} "They call me Dunkmaster Nasus, the more I dunk, the harder I dunk." {{champion:420}} "My name is Dunkmaster Illaoi. I put the **slam** in slam dunk!" {{champion:119}} "Now this is a game. **LET'S PLAY BALL!**" {{champion:11}} "Let me, the pro. Get the ball for us." {{champion:122}} _"Runs in and grabs the ball."_ "What is it you mastered, Yi? Sucking?" {{champion:11}} "Wow, you are one rude dude." {{champion:254}} "I got him." _"Charges and misses Dunkmaster Darius."_ {{champion:122}} "Those are some pretty big hands to drop the ball with, Vi." {{champion:427}} "You can't get past me." {{champion:122}} _"Runs past him and dunks for a score."_ "Looking a little stiff there, Ivern." {{champion:119}} "**AND HE SCORES!** What a legend." {{champion:122}} "Hey, Draven! Momma said you were adopted!" {{champion:119}} "Wow, that was uncalled for. You alright Draven?" {{champion:119}} _"Wipes away a tear."_ "Yeah, I'm perfectly okay." {{champion:420}} "Do you think we should do something to help him?" {{champion:75}} "Nah, he normally 1v5's, this is nothing for him." {{champion:11}} "You are very terrible. And not cool at all. There are some cool Dunkmasters, but you are not one of them. In fact, you might the uncoolest Dunkmaster ever." {{champion:122}} "Oh, I'll show you." _**Many epic Basketball plays later:**_ {{champion:119}} "It's all come down to this. Tie game, one minute left." {{champion:122}} "Gimme the ball!" {{champion:427}} **"NEVER!"** _"Throws the ball into the air."_ {{champion:122}} "You moron, that isn't going to go anywhere near my basket." {{champion:427}} "I wasn't aiming for the basket. **GO DAISY!**" _**A giant rock monster with a Basketball jersey on appears out of nowhere and grabs the ball.**_ {{champion:119}} "Another player has entered the game!" {{champion:119}} "Is that even legal?" {{champion:119}} "Considering that Darius ripped one of the hoop posts out of the ground and started beating his competitors with it. I'm not sure we have refs to decide." {{champion:119}} "I don't know if it matters though, there are only seconds left on the clock." {{champion:427}} "Daisy throw it now!" {{champion:119}} "She throws the ball towards the hoop. It's wobbly but still on course. Will it go in? It could go either way. Wow, it's almost like it's in slow motion." {{champion:427}} "Come on, come on, come one!" {{champion:122}} "Ivern, what are you doing?" {{champion:427}} "Huh?" {{champion:119}} "Ivern, come on!" {{champion:427}} "What?" **** {{champion:89}} **"IVERN!"** {{champion:427}} "Yes!" {{champion:89}} "What are you doing? I need your help to replace this wall." {{champion:427}} "Sorry, I was just thinking." {{champion:89}} "There will be plenty of time for that later. We are on a really unfair schedule and I don't want to get fired." {{champion:427}} "Yeah alright, sorry." {{champion:89}} "Hold this, I have to go grab something." {{champion:427}} _"Closes eyes."_ "I'm finally a winner."
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