Taiki, The Elder of Blades((Champion Concept))

https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/011/076/677/large/gianluca-rolli-giannizzero-2.jpg?1527725745 [Artist credit.](https://www.artstation.com/gianluca_rolli91) Taiki, The Elder of Blades “Killing Noxians brings no satisfaction. Take all they know, all they love, all they are proud of, and destroy it. Let them live to see the ones they once oppressed overthrow and crush them.” Region: Ionia Resource: Energy Role: ???? Position: Top/Support/Jungle Attack Style: Melee Attack Type: Attack Damage Base Health: 800 Health Gain Per Level: 50 Base Energy: 600 **** Bio: A man with seemingly undying mercy and kindness, Taiki was once the head of a prestigious martial arts school in the mountains of Ionia’s Shon-Xan province. However, that peaceful life came to an violent and tragic end during the Noxus invasion of Ionian. With most of his students dead and his school destroyed, Taiki set out on a mission to watch Noxus crumble and tear itself apart from the inside. Specializing in defencive and immobilizing techniques with offensive weaponry, the Temple of the Mountain Sound was considered a necessity for anyone interested in close-quarters combat, especially those who are pacifist in nature. However, no technique was more powerful or notable than the Sound, a guardian spirit unique to the person summoning it. A novice may be able to to only protect themselves or a single ally, but a master could protect an army of thousands. One such master was Taiki, the head of the school. He was known as the Elder of Blades, for those were his specialty. There were other Elders as well that specialize in everything from fist weapons to staves. Every Elder was in charge of a class of up to 100 students, and the top student was the one who would become the Elder if the current one were to ever die or go missing. With the words of war and invasion on the wind, the school soon found itself sending its most skilled students out to surrounding towns and villages to protect them in the event that the invading forces reached them. In the meantime, Taiki was preparing the school in the event that the invading forces reached it. One day, a man came stumbling up the path, seemingly injured. Taiki went out to confront him. The man was strange, and everything from his clothing to his physical appearance seemed foreign. His hair was blood crimson and his eyes were emerald green. His clothing was obsidian black with hints of silver and red. Even his voice made Taiki suspicious, as his accent was not of Ionia. However, he spoke the Shon-Xan dialect relatively fluently. Taiki came to the conclusion that the mysterious man was not a threat, and welcomed him into the school for aid. The man had several small cuts all over his body, but no major injuries. However, several Elders, including Taiki, noted a strange mark on his collarbone. It was a tattoo of some sort of insignia that they didn’t recognize, but they didn’t think much of it. They figured it may have been some sort of family crest, or something from wherever he was from. After he had been treated and fed, the mysterious man thanked the school for its hospitality and disappeared into the night. They thought that was the last of the man, but they were wrong. About a week later, the day’s lessons and meditations were interrupted by an announcement from outside. Taiki went to the entrance of the school and saw about 200 heavily armed soldiers standing down the path. He retreated back inside, rounding up the Elders and their star students before going outside to confront the small army. Immediately, Taiki noted the crimson flags. They had the same insignia on them that was on the man’s body. Then, his eyes came to rest on that same man, standing by the side of what Taiki could only assume was the leader of the soldiers. They identified themselves as Noxians, the ones currently invading Ionian. They informed the Elders that several surrounding villages had already fallen, as they had refused to join them. They then offered the Elders the same deal; Join Noxus, or be destroyed. Taiki signaled for the other Elders and their students to stay back, but to be prepared to defend themselves and the school if necessary, as he stepped forward to speak to the Noxians. He informed them that his school was one of peace, and they had no intention of joining those cemented in ways of violence and destruction, nor would they let them pass through the school to the other side of the mountains. The Noxians met this response with force, and before Taiki could channel his energy into his Sound to protect the school, he and the other Elders were attacked. The other students quickly rushed out to aid their teachers, but without Taiki’s Sound, they were no match for the invading forces. As the dust settled and the blood dried, Taiki awoke within the walls of the school. He immediately sensed change, as the natural flow of water through the halls and rooms was absent, and the wind seemed to howl louder than usual. More than anything else though, he noticed the lack of voices. Around him where about 20 other members of the school, alive but injured, the least injured ones were tending to the more seriously wounded. None of them spoke, the horrors of war fresh in their minds. Despite the pain he was in, Taiki stood to take note of the ones who remained. He was the only Elder left, and all the star students, including his own, were dead. They looked to him for guidance, but at the moment he had no idea what the future held for them. They all simply sat in the crumbling school, surrounded by the bodies of their friends and enemies. As time went on, Taiki and the students recovered from their injuries, though there were fewer now, as some had failed to recover. They had buried the members of the school in individual graves, marked with their names and where they were from. They even buried the few Noxians that fell in the battle, simply marked with the insignia of their nation. As the war went on, though, something stirred within Taiki. Over the next few months, Taiki began developing explosives and traps. His students were curious and somewhat frightened by their Elder’s sudden desire for bloodshed, and they eventually announced that they were leaving. Taiki wasn’t entirely happy about it, but he wasn’t going to stop them, so long as they promised to teach the people of their homes the ways of the school so their techniques were not lost. They agreed, and left to try and help as many as they could. As the years went by, it became apparent that something, or someone, was attacking the Noxian forces under the cover of darkness. Noxtoraa where being blown up. Noxian soldiers were being found dead, blades having slashed their femoral arteries. Even as the Noxian forces retreated from Ionia, the attacks did not stop. They merely followed them back to the mainland. Every bit of territory Noxus held, from the frozen Freljordian mountains to the scorching Shuriman sands, reported attacks. Even the city experienced at least one attack at the hands of the mysterious terrorist. As word spread throughout Runeterra of the attacks on Noxus, the former students of the Temple of the Mountain Sound knew only one person could be responsible; Taiki. **** **Passive: Noxtoraa Demolition:** Every 3 minutes, Taiki can attach an explosive device to an enemy turret. After 10 seconds, the device explodes, dealing 200 damage to the turret and 100 damage to anything within the blast radius. The explosive device can be destroyed with 4 hits. **Q: Silence and Disarm:** (18/16/14/12/10) second CD | (200/175/150/125/100) energy cost **First Cast:** Taiki dashes forward, stabbing the first champion hit in the throat, dealing (100/125/150/175/200) and silencing them for (1/1.5/2/2.5/3) seconds. You have (10/9/8/7/6) seconds to recast or the ability will go on cooldown. **Second Cast:** Taiki circles back around, stabbing the enemy in the shoulders, dealing an additional (50/75/100/125/150) damage and disarming them for (1/1.5/2/2.5/3) seconds. **W: Defensive Maneuver:** (22/20/18/16/14) second CD | (175/150/125/100/75) energy cost Taiki spins his blades for (2/2.5/3/3.5/4) seconds, deflecting (5/10/15/20/25)% of damage dealt to him back to the enemy that dealt it. This ability does not deflect damage caused by turrets. It can be canceled by; Stuns, knock ups, knock backs, pulls, sleep, polymorph, fear, silence. **E: Strategic Patience:** (20/18/16/14/12) second CD | (125/100/75/50/25) energy cost **First Cast:** Taiki plants a blade into the wall/ground. You have (9/8/7/6/5) seconds to recast or the ability will go on cooldown. **Second Cast**: Taiki plants a second blade into the ground/wall across from the first one, creating a tripwire that lasts for (2/3/4/5/6) minutes. When activated by an enemy champion, it causes the hidden blades to shoot toward them, impaling them and dealing (75/100/125/150/175) damage and causing a bleed effect that lasts for (3/4/5/6/7) seconds that deals (5/10/15/20/25) damage per second. Up to 3 tripwires can be active at a time, not stackable. **Passive:** When standing still in brush, Taiki can sense the movements of nearby enemies out of his field of view in the surrounding area. **R: Mountain Sound:** (175/150/125) second CD | Costs all energy to cast. Taiki focuses all his energy into summoning his Sound, a massive stone dragon. The dragon surrounds Taiki and any nearby teammates, forming an area of protection that grants a stone shield that blocks (30/40/50)% of damage dealt to Taiki and his allies that lasts (5/10/15) seconds. The dragon moves with Taiki, and any allies that leave the area of protection will lose their shield. **** **Things I Need Help With:** Ability ranges. I don't own all the champions and its hard for me to reference the range of X ability when I can't see it in game. He is similar to Irelia ability wise(more so than I would have liked), so I'd imagine his abilities would have similar ranges to her's, though since I don't own her I can't reference that distance in game. The ult is a bit hard, since its an AOE like Nunu & Willump's ult where it affects a certain surrounding area, rather than something like Sivir's where it just affects everyone within range. Basically if you're not in the circle, you don't get the shield, but how big should said circle be? Maybe the numbers in general could use some help? His role? Probably tank? **** **Q&A:** Basically anything I feel like needs explanation goes here. Want to know something? Ask. **** **Notes:** Numbers are subject to change. This concept is not done at all. There's still his color story and quotes to be written. **** First actual champion concept. Honestly, I adore this guy and I'm a bit proud of him. Still nervous about posting him, though. My goal here was to make a champion that was more strategic in nature, requiring you to think as you play him, while still having that more pacifist/protector side. He specializes in defensive techniques, after all, and I wanted to reflect that in game. **** **Change Log:** Reduced the duration of W: Defensive Maneuver from (6/7/8/9/10) seconds to (2/2.5/3/3.5/4) seconds. W: Defensive Maneuver now deflects damage from all sources besides turrets.
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