Idea for new Lissandra passive

Meddler said in the dev corner that he will be looking at Lissandra as a champion (HYPE) Anyways, here is my idea for a new Liss passive and maybe Meddler will even use this idea! (In my dreams maybe) New passive: Shattering ice When an enemy champion is rooted or stunned, Lissandra deals extra damage to that champion with her Q and E, releasing the enemy from the croud control. now, let's get more into detail. First of all, the extra damage that Lissandra deals scales partially with how long the enemy is locked into the CC. So, if Lissandra hits an enemy who has 0.001 seconds left of stun duration, the extra damage she deals will be much less than if she hits a champion who has a five second stun duration on their hands. Shattering ice deals 10 (+2 per level) + (25 + 3 per level) + 60% AP * Stun/Root Duration - Stun/Root duration scaling maxes out at 4 seconds of CC. Basically, a level 3 W - Q combo will deal about 70 extra damage, and the same combo at level 18 will deal 400 additional damage (assuming you have around 450 AP). The second thing I would like to make clear is that Liss can only activate her passive with her Q if it isn't shattered, so you have to get close to activate the bonus damage, as well as making sure there are no minions in the way. Finally, if you didn't understand from before, activating the passive on an enemy BREAKS THEIR CC, meaning you can actually help the enemy by breaking them free early (although you deal enough damage that it almost always worth to proc your passive) Anyways, that's my whole post. Leave your comments below! :)
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