The thing about ARAM... and a certain Item called Warmog's Armor

Heya there fellow Summoner. I just happened to play a game of ARAM with a friend of mine and happened to face a Veigar, the most feared ARAM Champion in my point of view. Considering that Veigar is able to gather 5-6 AP per kill made depending on if he deals the killing blow with an ability or not, Veigar happens to gather a shitload of AP in a relatively short amount of time. Of course, this wouldn't be a problem in itself but this Veigar was thinking really clever. How about getting two defensive Items? So right after his Luden's Echo he went for an Abyssal Mask, resulting in +15% Damage for anyone who faces him in melee range. Like myself playing Vi at that moment. Guess what happens if an execution-ultimate gets a +15% damage boost... The best part just came soon after as Veigar just bought the super cool thing called Bullshit's Armor... ah, wait I guess I just call it that way. So the Warmog's Armor just did that with Veigar: We had to one-shot Veigar or he would just come back full-hp after a short while still spamming his shit. Considering he has a stun/zoning tool the size of half the lane this is not as easy + he has a team himself. After just 27 Minutes we somehow managed to win anyway showing this "almighty" item is not that overpowered as it seems to be but still just leaves that bit of bad aftertaste... Why would you give a Champion an item which simply negates any kind of poke or fighting? Warmogs requires you to have 3000 HP to activate which is way too easily achieved with just 2 defensive Items on almost every Champion... besides of Pyke who could never get 3000 HP anyway... lol Back at the last Bilgewater Event, Warmog's got temporarily removed. And I have to say, even though I missed this Item on actual Tanks... the game felt much more like you at least achieve something when fighting. And fighting is the one thing that's going on on ARAM because there is no thinking about strategies, rotations or whatever. Why letting people buy one Item which negates every single piece of effort someone put into fighting someone else? ___ ___ But of course, I did not come here to rather complain but bring some Ideas in, in how to fix this issue... 1) > The most reasonable solution would be to remove Warmog's entirely like in the Bilgewater Event. > I don't consider Warmog's in any kind of healthy for ARAM-Gameplay. 2) > The next possible reason would be to make Warmog's an item for Melee-Only like Tiamat/Hydras or Sterak's giving tanks or juggernauts still the possibility to dive into the enemies and heal up once leaving combat. 3) > Replace Warmog's Armor with the old TT-Replicate "Overlord's Armor" {{item:3084}} > I think this Item is much more fit for ARAM than Warmog's could ever be in it's Buyable-Garen-Passive's form. > Maybe consider changing some values. Like 10% HP, or 15% Melee 7.5% Ranged. And maybe turn down the duration needed to regain the said amount What do you think? Give me some feedback! Greetings Lafiron
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