~*(Ultimate skin idea) "Crystal Heart Taliyah"*~

So, the basic thought/idea for this skin, was since sadly i don't know that Taliyah could get an Elementalist skin cuz of Lux :c even tho it makes a lot of sense for Taliyah T__T i thought MAYBE instead of Elements she could be a crystal shaper. And the theme would be she can change between different crystals & gem types. For example her base can be Diamond & then she can choose a form in game maybe one per color? Rose Quartz(pink) form, Amber(orange) form, Peridot(green) form, Sapphire(blue) form, Onyx(black) form ETC... for each colored gem/crystal. Each having a unique look and particle effects etc... (i'd really love a Rose Quartz one xD cuz it's my favorite gem~ a foggy light pink crystal)~ Yeah i just thought this would be pretty cool if they made an Ultimate for Taliyah (since i'm not sure if dupes for Elementalist are allowed :c) There could also be ideas for a valentines skin unique to Taliyah being Rose Quartz Taliyah because Rose Quartz is supposedly the gem of love~ and is a lot of the time depicted in the shape of a heart. and give rose quartz skin to malphite to match or something xD There's also the idea (totally not ripping this from Steven Universe >-> xD) that the gems could fuse together to make another gem, or make a fused multicolor gem~ Thank you so much for taking the time to click on or read my post >-< I appreciate it <3 Baibai :3 {{champion:163}} {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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