Mage Support who throws potions

So i've come up with this idea. A support who throws different potions to give effects on a adc or other teammate.His passive will be something like a combo.Every time he uses his abilities (Q,W,E) he will shoot 2 magic missiles to the closest enemies whether its minions or players.The damage from his passive will be increased when he gets a higher level.That way he will have more power when enemies build up magic resist on him.U select a player to throw a potion on him.His Q will be his core damage and he will be using it alot to poke. When he throws his Q on an enemy champion or on minions he will damage them also it will create a puddle that will slow enemies.His Q ability will have no effect on your teammates.Because primarily you will be using that Q to farm (**If you want to try him on mid lane**) or just to poke enemies as a support.His W will bring much more on the table because when you throw a potion on a ally - they will start to regenerate their health little bit quickly than a potion (over time). It will be alot faster and you will be able to see their health quickly regenerating on the hud bar.On the other hand if you throw your W on Enemies they will start to loose Attack Damage/Ability Power over time for 2-3 sec based on what they choose the most. If the enemy player is hybrid - both his Ability and Ad will go down for 2-3 sec.We covered his W and now let's talk about his E.His E will give movement speed to an ally and slow resistance for 1,5 sec - throwing an potion on enemy will slow them but not damage them.His R will be a powerful tool in teamfights. He will throw different 3 different potions in the air - Eventually your team will get different buffs - whether it's healing,speed or damage potions. The damage potion will be good in situations where the enemy team has lock down your teammates - *The damage potions will have extra damage*
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