I created a new Champion is it good?

Malgar (The Metal Devourer) PASSIVE: Metal Armor- Malgar Can Eat any Metal. So if a Champion has Swords, Guns, Shields or Armor, Malgar will Eat them. If a structure like a turret has Metallic armor, he can continuously eat it. After eating a metal, Malgar gains 30 Armor permanently. [Q] Vicious Chomp- Malgar Chomps and devours metal on his target: Damage to turret = 1 Turret plate. Damage to Champions = None, 80% of armor is converted to True Damage on bite if champion has no metal on them.Armor Chomp = 50% more physical damage dealt to target (Until Target Recalls) Weapon Chomp = 50% reduced damage (Until Target Recalls) [8/7/6/5/4 Second Cooldown] [No Cost] [W] RAVENOUS LUNGE- Malgar Lunges at an enemy dealing 10% of health as True Damage. [18/16/14/12/10 Second Cooldown, No Cooldown if Target’s metal was devoured] [No Cost] [E] RAPID SPIT- Malgar Spits on his target, reducing their Movement Speed. If their metal was eaten, his spit stuns them for 2 seconds, 4 seconds if the target is on a killing spree. [16/14/12/10/8/ Second Cooldown] [No Cost] [R] GRAVITATIONAL PULL- Malgar Globally reveals the location of all Champions wearing metals even if they are stealthed. Recasting this ability transports him to the nearest Champion and knocks them up. ]150/135/120 Second Cooldown] [No Cost]

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