[WIP Champion Concept] Twins of the Beckoning Mists

Base Concept: Two hand shaped tendrils are the appearances of the twins - think starfishes When together, they form a translucent mist body to deceive and charm their prey Siren based design - figure lures them in by taking appearance with only noticeable difference being the hands Original plan was for void based, but kit supports black isles Designed as a support that disrupts through mostly vision instead of crowd control Meant to follow an ice climber style concept, augment abilities together, but can function separately Lore can be done with enough support in the direction of either black mist or void Passive: Looming Shadows Units' vision radius is equal to or lesser than the distance to the closest hand. If both hands are within a certain distance from a champion, that champion loses allied vision. Abilities: Fleeting charm Hand marks all units in a cone that are facing it reducing their vision to a cone towards the hand and leashing them within 1100 units. After a brief duration, any units between 500 - 900 distance are charmed. Any affected unit that comes within 500 range loses the effect. Drain Touch Hand launches itself in target direction attaching to the first target hit dealing damage over time. The hand can be detached by recasting this ability, being cleansed, or being hit by a basic attack. Basic attack must be from an allied champion unless the target is melee. The incoming basic attack deals modified damage equal to attacker's total AD + 50% of AP to both units. Detaching before strike lands will avoid damage completely. Launch speed is quicker if hands are less than 400 units apart at cast. Enticing Hopes Passive: Cannot set off any traps or be detected by wards and gain the ability to see wards within a certain radius Active: Possess target ward or trap for percentage of its max duration. Possessed wards and traps grant vision to your team, do not activate, and do not show allies under their vision. Essentially they provide false vision of an area but are still consider enemies and can be destroyed as normal. Placeholder name: Passive: Increases health pool of each hand and adds on-hit damage Active: Switches control to other hand or consumes portion of HP to begin a channel to revive other half Scrapped abilities: ~~Broken Bonds Passive: The two hands are linked by a fluid spectral chain that damages and slow units touching it. Active: Strengthen the linking bonds, increasing the slow and damage for a duration, if stacked twice, the chains become moving terrain and gain increased damage radius.~~ Was meant to be a passive or ability but seems too pointless and need one more in theme *Edits to be made on final page* Passive: Eternal Bond If one twin dies, the other gains a portion of their stats but loses hp over time. The living twin can click on the other twin to channel granting 50% of their current HP to the fallen twin and reviving them. If the channel is interrupted, all HP giving is lost and the twin will not revive. _____ ~~Wukong Rework Concept Passive: Decoy Wukong can opt to use decoys instead of trinkets and can hold up to 3 at a time. Decoys recharge every 30 seconds and remain until destroyed. Q: Cyclone Wukong holds his staff outwards and twirls around dealing physical damage per second to nearby enemies. Cyclone gains increased damage and grants Wukong movement speed every 0.25 seconds channeled and knocks up enemies hit if channeled for at least 2 seconds. If Wukong remains in Cyclone for over 4 seconds, he will become dazed causing the next crowd control effect to last longer on Wukong. *Cooldown changed from previous to 10 seconds W: Flare burst Wukong tosses smokepoppies to the ground afflicting nearsight on units hit for 1.5 seconds. Range: 700 Radius: 300 E: Projected strike Wukong dashes to target enemy dealing physical damage and briefly slowing them. Images are also dash towards all units in cast range lingering for a brief moment after reaching their target but dealing no damage. Wukong becomes untargetable for a very brief moment at cast. Range: 800 R: Impulse/Wuju Style (Toggle) Impulse Passive: Grants increased attack speed and movement speed Wuju Style Passive: Damaging units reduces cooldown on abilities and deal additional true damage Ability changes in wuju style Q - Each cast is now one tick at twice the base damage that knocks up targets briefly and may be recast twice before going on cooldown. W - Cast at Wukong's location and grants stealth for 1.5 seconds along with afflicting nearsight E - First cast stealths Wukong and sends an image in his place dealing no damage, second cast grants Wukong increased attack speed. AN| Passive needs work~~ 04-19-18 Wukong shower thoughts rework Passive - Harsh lessons While in combat, Wukong gains 20% resistance to any crowd control effects that hit him and half for any source of damage up to a cap of 50%. Resistances apply after the source ends. (I.E. Get hit by a slow, gain 20% slow resist after slow ends or is replaced by another CC) Q - Crushing Blow / Vault Wukong jumps forward and smashes his staff at target location reducing the armor of targets hit and gains the ability to cast Vault if no command has been issued yet. Wukong leverages his staff to dash forward from the staff's point of impact (Q is changed to have a fix dash animation similar to Broken Wings but heavier end delay to allow Vault to cast. Vault is basically just a pole vault for added mobility to compensate Q being avoidable) W: Flare burst / Decoy Wukong tosses smokepoppies to the ground afflicting nearsight on units hit. Recasting this ability spawns a clone of Wukong at target location right before nearsighted units recover for a brief duration. Champions that strike the clone become nearsighted for half the duration of the previous effect. E - Sweeping Nimbus Wukong dashes forward pushing all targets in front of him towards target direction. R - Cyclone Wukong's staff grows outward and he spins it around, dealing damage and knocking up enemies. Wukong gains Movement Speed over the duration of the spell. ____ Teemo rework - toxicity in stages, higher stages equal status effects - build up based on % of damage dealt from poison - cure based on HP recovered by any means Passive: some kind of thing signifying his lore, unrepentant murderer Teemo has the ability to detect wards within a small radius around him. He can buy false wards from the shop and tamper with enemy wards causing them to provide vision in an area but not reveal any units that come into the vision radius Ajunta toxin Every time damage is dealt with ajunta poison, the target damaged received toxin stacks equal to the damage taken. Different effects are applied based on current HP to stack ratio. Stacks are reduced by half of any recovery effect but also reduce that effect by half. (IE. Regen 1hp per second, reduce toxin by 0.5 per second but lose that 0.5hp - get healed by ally for 100, half goes to reduction of toxin so only 50 heal) 35% current HP - slowed 70% current HP - nearsighted (less than current nearsight debuffs) 100% current HP - damage received amplified by 300% Q - Ajunta Darts Passive: When Teemo enters combat with a champion, he switches to coated darts that deal magic damage over 4 seconds. Teemo can only recoat his darts outside of combat. Active: Teemo fires 3 darts in rapid succession toward target direction. Can be blocked by units and does not stop current movement during cast. W - Agility Passive: If Teemo remains still inside brush or near the edges of terrain for 2 seconds, he becomes invisible and gains bonus movement speed Active: Teemo dashes forward in target direction gaining bonus movement speed for a short duration. If Teemo dashes towards terrain, he will latch onto target terrain and gain increased range on his basic attacks and abilities. E - Snare Trap Teemos channels for 2 seconds to place a trap along target line. Units moving through the trap will remove it and stun them briefly if they are moving 30% faster than their base movement speed. ____ Karma revision Q - Purging Blaze Fires a blast of energy that heals any ally it passes through for 8%(+ 2% AP) of missing HP and explodes upon enemy contact, dealing 40/85/130/175/220/265 (+50% Ability Power)(+Damage healed) magic damage. Inner Flame: Projectile passes through all enemies hit and explodes on the first ally healing for 8%(+ 2% AP) of missing HP (+70% of damage dealt) W - Resilience Karma channels for 3 seconds creating a tether between herself and a targeted ally. The tether will break if Karma stops channelling, an enemy unit walk through the tether or the target leaves the range. Karma gains 20/25/30/35/40%(+3% AP) damage reduction while channelling and shields her target over time for up to 100/150/200/250/300/350 (+105% AP) and also deals 30% of the damage Karma takes during the channel in a small area around the target Inner Flame: Karma tethers to an enemy unit instead dealing damage instead of shielding and reduces the target's damage ouput equal to Karma's damage reduction. Allies near the target also gain a shield equal to the damage reduced every time the target deals damage that persists for 2 seconds stacking upon reapplication. E - Heavenly Wave Karma channels for 4 seconds unleashing a large gust in a cone that reduces the movement speed of approaching targets by . Targets that are in the area but not approaching or have their movement speed reduced under 200 are knocked back every tick until out of range. Allies are granted a movement speed bonus and increased dash range in target direction if in the gust. Inner Flame: Allows a second cast in another direction but reduces the strength and range of the both casts when cast again. Channel duration is increased by 1 second and ends both casts when stopped. R - Inner Flame Applies an inverse effect to most of Karma's abilities to focus on damaging units.

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