New Side Lane Alcove Objectives

Patch 9.23 notes
Paul "Aether" Perscheid Turret Drakes Thresh E - FLAY HITBOX INDICATOR Increased the ability's indicator width to match the actual hitbox for gameplay clarity Pulsefire Thresh and Pulsefire Thresh Prestige Edition will be available on November 21, 2019.
With the Patch 9.23 comes Side Lane Alcove's for both top and bot lanes; creating the potential to add objectives to these areas that could bring meaningful experiences to the game: 1. One possibly is a limited monster spawn with a unique buff: a sort of mini Rift Herald combined with a Jungle Buff. A tiny monster camp could spawns randomly behind the rock granting permeate or decaying stacks of benefits; perhaps a weak damage or magic shield. I would like to see something like a small slime monster, with cute big round eyes. 2. Another idea is a zone control that grants a limited area of effect boost to a random stat: HP regent, or adaptive force/resists while in the field area. The field of effect could pulse or shrink over time, even providing blotches of positive and negative effect, such as slows or speed boosts. Further interactions with the Elemental Rift are worth considering. As this would be about as impactful as half a buff, and maybe a one time thing, a modest level of impact can be considered when the zone or monster is activated. Once a single concept has been chosen, the level of added detail should feel very non-intrusive to the lanes; nothing like opening up a teleport portal between top and bot lane for a number of seconds...
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