Champ Update Exploration

Hey all, every now and then I sketch a bunch of stuff. I've created a lot of skin concepts before (and will continue doing so when possible), but I recently wanted to try out some visual update sketches. Some of these are SUPER rough and sketchy, but these are for fun and practice. I could have done more drastic design changes for some champs (Taric, Pantheon, Urgot, Eve), but for now the sketches I did mostly have minor edits/changes. Should certain champs be changed in major areas like Sion, or have they built a legacy/fanbase that their original theme, attire, and portrayal are important (but tidied up and more streamlined to match the current aesthetic). It differs for each champ. How epicly awesome should Cho'Gath be without being too complicated (animation, number of new models needed, and so on), considering all of his other skins would have to receive the same treatment. His body/carapace could consist of segmented plates that allow him to expand and grow when he feasts. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the sketches! They're not perfect by any means, but exploring is fun! Taric's first sketch looks waaayy too similar to Jarvan, the colors for Caitlyn are kind of a mess, BUT HEY feel free to give your input. If you wanted to check out my other work, my deviantart: Take care, everyone!
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