Please give Diana a PROJECT: Diana skin or a Blood Moon Diana skin!

**EDIT: For those of you who are saying, Champion X, Y, or Z hasn't received a skin in X years and deserves a skin way more than Diana, please know that I agree that there are plenty of champions who have also been neglected by Riot in terms of amount and quality of skins. I would really encourage you to speak out and hold Riot accountable. This thread is not to say that I don't think there are plenty of champions who deserve a new skin. However, please remember that this thread is about Diana, and I would like to keep discussion here primarily related to her. If your only point in posting here would be to bring up some other champion and attempt to belittle the Diana community simply for asking for an answer from Riot, then please reconsider posting here and instead make your own thread. ** **Also, a few have told me that I may have been too harsh initially when discussing the Infernal Diana skin. I would like to emphasize that the intent was never to belittle the developers of that skin, but simply to share my honest opinion of the skin with respect to what many others had told me they thought of the skin. I would like to say that I really do appreciate all of the time and effort that goes into the making of the many skins that Riot does release. While Riot's art department has many extremely talented individuals, I'm not here to lick boots or sugar-coat the truth. Infernal Diana was not their best work in terms of ingenuity, cost efficiency, and creativity, and it wasn't very popular within the community as a result. These are simply facts. Hopefully, we can still get a response from a Riot official.** After doing some interest checking, I've determined that a lot of players were unsatisfied with the Infernal Diana skin you released earlier this year, Riot. Personally, I found myself rather unimpressed by it, as it simply didn't seem to fit her lore or personality. I bought it, although I hardly ever use it. The one redeeming quality of the skin, in my opinion, is the fact that the skills and effects feel very smooth and detailed. However, it simply isn't enough to justify the skin's lackluster presentation and quality, especially when you consider the fact that this skin was released after a period of about 2 years of Diana getting very little of Riot's attention. During this time, there were no new skins, no buffs or nerfs, or any sort of communication from Riot concerning their plans for Diana in the future; the silence was deafening. Meanwhile, other champions who had come to be regarded as the poster children of league were getting their sixth or seventh skin. So when Infernal Diana was released, myself and many others were dismayed at the lackluster quality of the skin we had endured nearly two years of radio silence for. We thought Riot was planning something great, something the Diana mains community had been requesting for a long time, which leads me to the point of this post. Diana deserves a _**QUALITY**_ skin, not a thoughtless here-is-Diana-on-fire-for-no-particular-reason skin. Namely, many within the community have been requesting a Blood Moon Diana or PROJECT: Diana skin for years. Blood Moon Diana doesn't really need an explanation, and I am so surprised that it hasn't happened already. It really is quite grating because Diana is essentially the only champion who is a **perfect** thematic fit for the Blood Moon skin line. On the other hand, Leona has had a PROJECT skin for nearly a year now. And, as I said earlier, Diana is long overdue for a quality skin. Even for those of you who do not main Diana, it must be clear as day--or night, I suppose--that she has been pretty neglected by Riot even though she is, **by far**, more popular than Leona. So, please don't troll this post or down vote it simply because you are indifferent to whether or not she gets a skin or not. For those of you who do agree, please comment below why you believe Diana could use some love. **@Riot:** I would love to hear back with some idea of what you guys have planned for Diana in the future, because I fear she has been neglected gameplay-wise as well as thematically. There is such a huge demand for this, so please take the time to give many Diana players some peace of mind. Thank you for your time and consideration. I've also included some URLs that lead to concept art for both skins, although I shouldn't need to. It is literally everywhere, Riot. PROJECT: Diana URL: Blood Moon Diana URL(S):
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