Soraka Rough Rework Concept (Heavy channel/prev lore based)

All of Soraka's abilities will be able to be channeled. However, channeling begins after cast targets have been selected but moving is still possible while channel. As a result, her abilities cannot be cancelled. I have not considered how this would work outside of quick casting at this time. It is worth noting that all her abilities will have unlimited range because in the old lore, I always thought it was a bit funny that she basically cursed Warwick from like miles away CW - Passive abbrev CB - Channel Bonus P - Celestial Whisper As Soraka gains experience, the blessings of the stars returns to her granting her more effective abilities. Soraka can gain additional experience through assisting allies and takedowns. >Similar to Kayle, but based on experience gain instead levels as stages of "ascension" can drop based on actions. Because Soraka should be an healer/protector lorewise, she should gain experience from take downs and healing allies. I am aware this combined with her channeling bonus does feel like just a large amount of added stats without significant game play affected from adding them Q - Radiant Light Soraka scorches an area with a flash of blinding light after a brief delay briefly stunning units. If she damages an enemy champion, Celestial Whisper will decrease. CB - Increases in damage and very slightly in stun duration. CW - Increased damage, radius and deals additional damage over time per stage, ignores magic resistance at max stage >Soraka's only real damaging ability, in line with more recent lore sears enemies with light. Either a blind or a stun works cause generally blinding light blinds you. CB bonus might be a problem for stealing farm from other lanes but that is tbd. CW is to represent a more powerful Soraka with the stars at her side and of course as with lore, she should lose that power if she harms another. W - Starcall Soraka calls down a shining star that heals allies for a % of their missing HP and HP over time. While close by, Soraka can channel mana to maintain or overload the star causing it to explode dealing damage and stunning units nearby. The star fades over time. CB - Stronger heals CW - Greatly increased star size per stage, calls down additional star at Soraka's position at max stage. >This is more in line with her early early stages where her heal was over time. I took some Azir vibes here but didn't entirely think it out. I wanted to give Soraka more options in damage that wouldn't kill her passive but always wanted a heal over time. The initial plan was for the star to be destructible by enemies to prevent healing, but that adds a bit too much. I'll probably rewrite the ability at some point if I revisit this. It be noted that additional plans were to have Soraka receive a stage buff while under a star. E - Consecration Soraka blesses an area cleansing debuffs from all allies up to a duration and grants temporary damage resistance CB - Increases the duration and grants immunity to debuffs linked to the overcapped removal lasting up to 5 seconds. CW - Passively reduces the duration of debuffs on Soraka by a %, applies as an aura around Soraka at max stage. >To explain the ability better with an example, let's say Annie CCs you for 2 seconds or Malz E's you for DoT for 3 seconds. If this ability depending on numbers would remove a certain amount of seconds from that and it if removed greater than the duration of the debuff, it would prevent new ones up to the remaining duration left. However the remaining duration left is also limited in time. To protect is what Soraka should be doing, current Soraka only heals and rains down stars on your face. This feels more in line with protection and I understand is probably rather overpowered that is why it does not receive a radius increase at any point. R - Wish Heals all allied champions over 1.5 seconds. CB - Grants an initial heal. CW - Stronger heal per stage. At max stage, can curse an enemy champion temporarily silencing them and removing any benefits granted from items and causing Soraka to lose all stages. >Not much changes here, just forcing a Karthus like scenario...almost. Probably ally target for the heal, enemy target for the cursed, cause we need to make more pre-lore Warwicks.
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