Would you say there room in the game for an "Anti-Yorick" type of champion?

Edit: _THIS IS NOT A POST TO COMPLIAN ABOUT YORICK, THIS IS A POST FOR A NEW CHAMPION/PLAYSTYLE CONCEPT, thankyou._ When I say "Anti-Yorick" I don't mean a champion to dominate him in lane, in fact I don't even mean a champion in top lane necessarily. I am referring to a champion whose kit is as adept to single handedly stopping a push as Yorick's kit is to pushing. I was intrigued by the post of another's champion creation, the ult in particular. If i understand and remember correctly it was a "monolith" that you put on ally towers that lasted 30/40/50 seconds adding damage and resistances to the tower even remaining after the towers destruction. One could look at it as a very defensive pet summons, another aspect I dont believe exists in the game. While I did enjoy the origional idea, after reading and during my physical therapy I pondered on changes to make this champion both more interesting and adept to being specifically an "anti-push" champion. A champion with a kit that exceled at getting to towers very fast and having a strictly defensive* 1v5ing kit to use when they got there thwarting the pushers efforts and allowing their team to take advantage of the enemies low map pressure. The "monolith" could automatically behave as a tower as i believe the origional was intended to but via fufilling a passive connected to the champions abilities perahaps they could influence it to fire a single shot at an enemy within its range and then it goes back to behaving as a tower. A part of the ult there could be a "teleport" that only allows the champion to go to allied towers and immediatly place the monolith. Aside from a passive allowing the champion to minutely control the monolith the rest of the kit could be very adept to fast short range wave clear under the tower and keeping/getting enemies in range of his tower/ult so if enemies wish to scuffle with this champion they better be ready to commit or at least be sure the champion will mess up. In contrast however, the champion should be garbage as a pusher and contesting other objectives. The champion would be the last one you would ever want to dive or push a tower near but in every other regard you wouldn't have much to be concerned about. A big potentialy late game fall off... no more ally towers to ult so they become near useless. Such a champion would be a strong counter to any other champion wanting to end the game as quickly as possible and they would strongly syngerize with champions that both need time to scale and most of their team members to facilitate their effectiveness. I know i said this champion would be an "anti-yorick" but they would likely be countered by such champions whose single handed pushing power is such a threat they would need to waste their ult on them rather then the majoirty of the enemy team with a rift herald or baron buff. Point being this niche of a fast response tower defender against most such threats isnt really fulfilled or at least there no equal reverse counter parts to champions like yorick, illoai, ziggs, hiemerdinger, and so on as in back against their map pressure as strongly as they can create it.
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